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  The Global Hedge Advisers, is an International not for profit industry trade and nonpartisan lobbying organization devoted to advancing transparency, development and trust in alternative investments.

Membership in GHA includes hedge fund firms, global financial institutions with hedge fund offerings including private banks, asset management firms and broker dealers, investors including funds of hedge funds, family offices, public and private pension funds, endowments and foundations, high net worth individuals, allocators, and service providers including prime brokers, administrators, custodians, auditors, lawyers, risk managers, technologists and third party marketers.

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About Hedge Funds

Contributed by Dion Friedland, Chairman, Magnum Funds
Hedge funds refer to funds that can use one or more alternative investment strategies, including hedging against market downturns, investing in asset classes such as currencies or distressed securities, and utilizing return-enhancing tools such as leverage, derivatives, and arbitrage.
At a time when world stock markets appear to have reached excessive valuations and may be due for further correction, hedge funds provide a viable alternative to investors seeking capital appreciation as well as capital preservation in bear markets. The vast majority of hedge funds make consistency of return, rather than magnitude, their primary goal.
It is important to understand the differences between the various hedge fund strategies because all hedge funds are not the same -- investment returns, volatility, and risk vary enormously among the different hedge fund strategies. Some strategies which are not correlated to equity markets are able to deliver consistent returns with extremely low risk of loss, while others may be as or more volatile than mutual funds.

Key characteristics of hedge funds

Many, but not all, hedge fund strategies tend to hedge against downturns in the markets being traded. Hedge funds are flexible in their investment options (can use short selling, leverage, derivatives such as puts, calls, options, futures, etc.). Hedge funds benefit by heavily weighting hedge fund managers’ remuneration towards performance incentives, thus attracting the best brains in the investment business.

Facts about hedge funds

• Estimated to be a $2.7 trillion industry and growing every year, with approximately 10,000 active hedge funds.
• Includes a variety of investment strategies, some of which use leverage and derivatives while others are more conservative and employ little or no leverage. Many hedge fund strategies seek to reduce market risk specifically by shorting equities or derivatives.
• Most hedge funds are highly specialized, relying on the specific expertise of the manager or management team.
• Performance of many hedge fund strategies, particularly relative value strategies, is not dependent on the direction of the bond or equity markets -- unlike conventional equity or mutual funds (unit trusts), which are generally 100% exposed to market risk.
• Many hedge fund strategies, particularly arbitrage strategies, are limited as to how much capital they can successfully employ before returns diminish. As a result, many successful hedge fund managers limit the amount of capital they will accept.
• Hedge fund managers are generally highly professional, disciplined and diligent.
• Their returns over a sustained period of time have outperformed standard equity and bond indexes with less volatility and less risk of loss than equities.
• Beyond the averages, there are some truly outstanding performers.
• Investing in hedge funds tends to be favored by more sophisticated investors, including many Swiss and other private banks, who have lived through, and understand the consequences of, major stock market corrections. Many endowments and pension funds allocate assets to hedge funds.

Popular hedge fund strategies

Popular Misconception
The popular misconception is that all hedge funds are volatile -- that they all use global macro strategies and place large directional bets on stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities, and gold, while using lots of leverage. In reality, less than 5% of hedge funds are global macro funds. Most hedge funds use derivatives only for hedging or don’t use derivatives at all, and many use no leverage.

Aggressive Growth: Invests in equities expected to experience acceleration in growth of earnings per share. Generally high P/E ratios, low or no dividends; often smaller and micro cap stocks which are expected to experience rapid growth. Includes sector specialist funds such as technology, banking, or biotechnology. Hedges by shorting equities where earnings disappointment is expected or by shorting stock indexes. Tends to be "long-biased." Expected Volatility: High

Distressed Securities: Buys equity, debt, or trade claims at deep discounts of companies in or facing bankruptcy or reorganization. Profits from the market’s lack of understanding of the true value of the deeply discounted securities and because the majority of institutional investors cannot own below investment grade securities. (This selling pressure creates the deep discount.) Results generally not dependent on the direction of the markets. Expected Volatility: Low - Moderate

Emerging Markets: Invests in equity or debt of emerging (less mature) markets which tend to have higher inflation and volatile growth. Short selling is not permitted in many emerging markets, and, therefore, effective hedging is often not available, although Brady debt can be partially hedged via U.S. Treasury futures and currency markets. Expected Volatility: Very High

Fund of Funds: Mixes and matches hedge funds and other pooled investment vehicles. This blending of different strategies and asset classes aims to provide a more stable long-term investment return than any of the individual funds. Returns, risk, and volatility can be controlled by the mix of underlying strategies and funds. Capital preservation is generally an important consideration. Volatility depends on the mix and ratio of strategies employed. Expected Volatility: Low - Moderate

Income: Invests with primary focus on yield or current income rather than solely on capital gains. May utilize leverage to buy bonds and sometimes fixed income derivatives in order to profit from principal appreciation and interest income. Expected Volatility: Low
For more information, view article on special-situations fixed-income investing.

Macro: Aims to profit from changes in global economies, typically brought about by shifts in government policy which impact interest rates, in turn affecting currency, stock, and bond markets. Participates in all major markets -- equities, bonds, currencies and commodities -- though not always at the same time. Uses leverage and derivatives to accentuate the impact of market moves. Utilizes hedging, but leveraged directional bets tend to make the largest impact on performance. Expected Volatility: Very High

Market Neutral - Arbitrage: Attempts to hedge out most market risk by taking offsetting positions, often in different securities of the same issuer. For example, can be long convertible bonds and short the underlying issuers equity. May also use futures to hedge out interest rate risk. Focuses on obtaining returns with low or no correlation to both the equity and bond markets. These relative value strategies include fixed income arbitrage, mortgage backed securities, capital structure arbitrage, and closed-end fund arbitrage. Expected Volatility: Low
Market Neutral - Securities Hedging: Invests equally in long and short equity portfolios generally in the same sectors of the market. Market risk is greatly reduced, but effective stock analysis and stock picking is essential to obtaining meaningful results. Leverage may be used to enhance returns. Usually low or no correlation to the market. Sometimes uses market index futures to hedge out systematic (market) risk. Relative benchmark index usually T-bills. Expected Volatility: Low

Market Timing: Allocates assets among different asset classes depending on the manager’s view of the economic or market outlook. Portfolio emphasis may swing widely between asset classes. Unpredictability of market movements and the difficulty of timing entry and exit from markets adds to the volatility of this strategy. Expected Volatility: High

Opportunistic: Investment theme changes from strategy to strategy as opportunities arise to profit from events such as IPOs, sudden price changes often caused by an interim earnings disappointment, hostile bids, and other event-driven opportunities. May utilize several of these investing styles at a given time and is not restricted to any particular investment approach or asset class. Expected Volatility: Variable

Multi Strategy: Investment approach is diversified by employing various strategies simultaneously to realize short- and long-term gains. Other strategies may include systems trading such as trend following and various diversified technical strategies. This style of investing allows the manager to overweight or underweight different strategies to best capitalize on current investment opportunities. Expected Volatility: Variable

Short Selling: Sells securities short in anticipation of being able to rebuy them at a future date at a lower price due to the manager’s assessment of the overvaluation of the securities, or the market, or in anticipation of earnings disappointments often due to accounting irregularities, new competition, change of management, etc. Often used as a hedge to offset long-only portfolios and by those who feel the market is approaching a bearish cycle. High risk. Expected Volatility: Very High

Special Situations: Invests in event-driven situations such as mergers, hostile takeovers, reorganizations, or leveraged buy outs. May involve simultaneous purchase of stock in companies being acquired, and the sale of stock in its acquirer, hoping to profit from the spread between the current market price and the ultimate purchase price of the company. May also utilize derivatives to leverage returns and to hedge out interest rate and/or market risk. Results generally not dependent on direction of market. Expected Volatility: Moderate
For more information, view article on merger arbitrage.

Value: Invests in securities perceived to be selling at deep discounts to their intrinsic or potential worth. Such securities may be out of favour or underfollowed by analysts. Long-term holding, patience, and strong discipline are often required until the ultimate value is recognized by the market. Expected Volatility: Low - Moderate


The global hedge fund industry unites in support of charities that work to make a difference in the lives of people. The GHA encourages you to consider giving to the following non-profit philanthropic organizations that are devoted to a greater good.

Member websites 

4Peaks  Capital

  • Our  goal is to raise the profile and attract assets under management for talented  investment firms.

Acquavella, Chiarelli,  Shuster, Berkower & Co., LLP

  • ACSB  provides start-up consulting services, auditing services, tax and financial  statement preparation services to nearly 375 private investment companies,  offshore funds, commodity pools, funds of funds, and private equity funds  throughout the US and the Cayman Islands, from our offices in NYC, NJ, San  Francisco and Cayman Islands.

Adaws Capital,  LLC

  • An  emerging manager targeting HNWI's , FOF's , Family Offices and RIA's . We are an  options trader, shorting premium by trading low-risk, non-directional positions  using the S&P 500 Index.In addition to steady returns, our Investors come to  us looking for a conveniently structured Fund ( redemptions , gate, lockup  periods etc.).

Advanced Fund  Administration

  • Advanced  Fund Administration, with offices in the United States and Cayman Islands, is a  privately owned SSAE 16 compliant hedge and private equity fund administrator.  AFA offers comprehensive and cost effective fund administration, advisory &  consulting, and legal services to onshore and offshore funds of all sizes,  structures, and investment strategies, and partners with its clients throughout  the fund lifecycle and beyond. AFA's highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art  technology provides a level of reporting and transparency that is unrivaled.  AFA's utilization of Straight-Through-Processing eliminates excel workarounds  and double entry which translates to exceptional Quality of Service at very  competitive rates.

Agecroft Partners,  LLC

  • Agecroft  Partners is a global award winning consulting and third party marketing firm  which specializes solely on hedge funds. Our Mission is to raise assets on a  global basis for successful hedge fund managers through intelligent deployment  of our industry knowledge and utilizing a consultative approach within the  institutional investor community.

Alambic Investment  Management

  • Our  systematic application of fundamental research principals is designed to  generate sustained and attractive returns over time with moderate volatility. We  apply thoroughly back tested proprietary factors across a broad base of  individual stocks and construct a market-neutral portfolio taking into  consideration trading costs and other risk constraints. With very low  correlation to other major asset classes, the Colombard Fund improves the  risk/return profiles of traditional portfolios dominated by equity and debt  holdings.

Alphatative  LLC

  • ALPHATATIVE  LLC is an emerging alternative investment manager and recent 1st place winner of  BattleFin's "Sharpe Ratio Shootout" Tournament 4.0, a cutting-edge,  international finance tournament for quantitative strategies (highest Elite  Division).

Alternative Latin  Investor

  • Founded  in July of 2009, Alternative Latin Investor (ALI) is the first online news  source to offer highly coveted information and analysis regarding alternative  investments in Latin America. Topics include Commodities, Forex , Private  Equity, Wine, Art, Regulation, Philanthropy, Hedge Funds, Agribusiness,  Renewable Energy, Emerging Markets and Real Estate.


  • Ambrose  delivers premium human resources services to financial services firms. With the  help of Ambroses  HR administration, payroll, and employee benefits solution, companies are able  to free resources to focus on their core activities. Ambrose currently serves  over 700 financial services firms, including over 350 hedge funds and private  equity firms. Crain's New York recently ranked Ambrose among the 50 fastest  growing companies, and the New York State Society for Human Resource Management  ( NYS-SHRM ) named Ambrose one of the "Best Companies to Work For in New  York.

Anchin, Block &  Anchin LLP

  • With  a diverse staff of 350+ and a large financial services practice, Anchin is an  accounting and advisory firm truly dedicated to the industry. Services include  financial statement preparation; tax planning and compliance; tax credits and  incentives; succession planning; and various consulting services. Our mission is  to be our clients  Expert Partner.

Apex Fund  Services

  • Apex  Fund Services is one of the worlds  largest independent fund administration companies with over $26 billion of  assets under administration, 34 offices and over 320 employees across the globe.  Apex is unique in its ability to Reach Globally, Service Locally and provide  cross-jurisdictional solutions and best practices, providing the highest levels  of personalized services. Apex provides a full suite of products and services  ranging from fund set up, portfolio valuations, fund accounting, shareholder  services, directorships and listing sponsorship. With its Order Management and  Portfolio Management systems together with its Middle Office services Apex is a  Total Fund Solutions provider. Apex offers a number of platforms including, US  Emerging Manager platform, Bermuda Emerging Manager platform (for small or start  up funds), Luxembourg SIF platform, Luxembourg UCITS platform and the Malta PIF  platform.

  • Arcadian Investments,  LLC
    Arcadian  Investments specializes in the acquisition, servicing, management and  disposition of distressed residential and commercial whole loans, REO's and real  estate securities across the United States.

Archway Finance and  Operations

  • Archway  Finance and Operations ( AFO ) is a services company that provides a full suite  of administration options for the accounting and investment operations of Hedge  Funds, Fund of Funds, Private Equity Funds, Investment Advisors and Private  Banks. AFO has more than $16 billion in assets under administration ( AUA ) and  was recently ranked #24 in AUA by FundServices.net . AFO services are compliant  with the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements ( SSAE )  16.

Arden Asset Management  LLC

  • Arden  Asset Management (Arden)  was founded in 1993 and specializes in providing alternative investment  solutions, including creating and managing portfolios of hedge funds using a  disciplined, research-driven investment process. In addition, Arden also offers  risk aggregation and advisory services and has been establishing and managing  customized portfolios for investors, with specific guidelines determined by the  clients  individual needs, since 2000.

Arendt Luxembourg Law  Firm

  • Arendt  is the leading independent business law firm in Luxembourg. The firm is  constituted of 290 legal professionals throughout Dubai, Hong Kong, London,  Moscow & New York. Our firm advises international and domestic clients in  all areas of business law (Fund, Banking, Insurance, PE, RE, Corporate &  Tax).


  • A  buyside advisory firm for asset allocators and alternative asset managers with a  specialization in risk management. We have extensive experience in investment  risk management across most asset classes and majority of investment structures.  our experience ranges from fund launch to restructuring, long-only investments  to highly levered and illiquid structures, risk managing an alternative platform  as well as investing with 3rd party platforms.


  • Asset.tv  is the web TV channel for the investment management community- we work with  firms to produce video content, and host media for some of the worlds  largest institutions. Asset.tv is a platform for investment professionals only,  with a subscriber base exceeding 300,000, as well as media syndication  partnerships with Reuters Insider and The Bloomberg Terminal  Network.

Baker  Tilly

  • Baker  Tilly is a full-service accounting and advisory firm whose professionals supply  expertise and global reach in audit, tax, and advisory services. As an  independent member of Baker Tilly International, the world's eighth largest  network of accounting firms with combined fee income of US $3.3 billion and more  than 26,000 people worldwide (as of January 2013), we bring access to  market-specific knowledge in 131 countries.


  • Class  Action Services is the industry leader in securities class action claims  recovery for institutional investors, including hedge funds, asset management  firms, sovereign and pension funds, endowments and family offices. A  full-service, outsourced solution, Battea experts manage the entire securities  class action award recovery process  from calculating recognized loss for every claim through the confirmation,  receipt and delivery of settlement payouts.

Beecher  Carlson

  • Beecher  Carlson is a large account risk management broker that delivers expertise by  industry focus and product specialization. We strive to develop new and better  technologies to drive operational excellence. By leveraging our deep risk  management expertise, we are able to help manage business risks, protect and  enhance capital and fulfill our clients  corporate mission.

BNY  Mellon

  • BNY  Mellon is a global investments company dedicated to helping its clients manage  and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle. Whether  providing financial services for institutions, corporations or individual  investors, BNY Mellon delivers informed investment management and investment  services in 35 countries and more than 100 markets. BNY Mellon is the corporate  brand of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (NYSE: BK ). Additional  information is available on www.bnymellon.com, or follow us on Twitter  @BNYMellon .

Brandywine Asset  Management, Inc.

  • Brandywine  Asset Management, established in 1982, manages globally-diversified portfolios  using a Return Driver based investment methodology. Brandywines  Predictive Diversification model incorporates dozens of fundamentally-based  trading strategies, each based on a sound, logical return driver, into a fully  systematic and diversified portfolio.

Brookfield Investment  Management Inc.

  • Brookfield  Asset Management Inc. is a global alternative asset manager with approximately  $184 billion in assets under management as of September 30, 2013.  Brookfields  public market activities are conducted by Brookfield Investment Management, a  registered investment advisor, with over $10 billion of assets under management  as of September 30, 2013.

BTS Asset  Management

  • Since  1979, BTS engages in investment management of client and proprietary assets. BTS  manages assets across fixed income and equity instruments. The investment  strategies of BTS are quantitative, tactical and discretionary in approach with  an emphasis on the fixed income market with capital preservation as its  cornerstone.

Buy Side  Design

  • We  create websites, video and brand identities for financial firms. We have over 20  years of derivatives trading experience. Our roots are grounded in the trading  capital of the world, Chicago, and our offices are located at 1871, the  technology town square in the Merchandise Mart.

C&A Consulting  LLC

  • C&A  provides clients with on-demand and direct access to experienced subject matter  experts and line management. Our core competencies cover Compliance and  Operational Risk, Finance, Operations, and Technology, working as an integrated  unit to deliver practical strategies and efficient executions. We can lead  complex strategic transformations with equal capacity to efficiently lead  tactical baseline assignments.


  • CACEIS  is one of the worlds  leading asset servicing providers and is the premier player in the sizeable  European fund servicing market. Through offices across Europe, North America and  Asia, CACEIS delivers a comprehensive set of high quality services covering:  Depositary/Trustee-Custody, Fund Administration, Transfer Agency and Issuer  Services.

Caissa,  LLC

  • Caissa  , LLC is a software company radically advancing institutional  allocators  approach to portfolio and risk management by offering a software featuring  unparalleled transparency aggregation across all asset classes, investment  structures, and transparency types. Top institutional allocators use Portfolio  Navigator to assess their total portfolios  strategic positioning and risk profile.

Citrin  Cooperman

  • We  are a nationally recognized full-service accounting, tax, and consulting firm  with offices conveniently located throughout the Northeast. Since 1979, we have  steadily built our business by helping companies and high net worth individuals  find smart solutions. Whether your operations and assets are located around the  corner or across the globe, we can provide new perspectives on strategies that  will help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

Clear Alternatives  LLC

  • We  are a women owned and operated firm focusing on long/short US public equities  deploying a behavioral finance strategy. We enable accredited investors to gain  exposure to the price movement of the market without the challenges of buying,  selling, and managing their own portfolio.

Connext Consulting  Inc.

  • Connext  Consulting Inc. is an accomplished consultancy with over 15 years of experience.  We employ an integrated and customized approach to successfully elevate our  clients  businesses to the next level through strategic introductions, business  development, marketing and public/investor relations. Our key clients and target  markets include hedge funds, financial institutions, professional services  firms, women/minority-owned businesses and not-for-profit  organizations.

Drinker  Biddle

  • Drinker  Biddle is a full-service law firm with a nationally recognized investment  management practice. We have significant experience assisting fund managers with  the full array of legal services related to operating registered and  unregistered funds (both domestic and offshore), including securities,  commodities, tax and benefit plan law.

Eaton  Partners

  • Eaton  Partners is a leading alternative asset placement agent, having raised over $57  billion of institutional capital across 80 funds. Since 1983, we have been  dedicated to the singular goal of raising capital for investment managers  throughout hedge fund, private equity, real estate and real assets strategies.  Eaton Partners  global platform consists of over 50 employees located in six  offices.

Essex Investment  Management Company, LLC

  • Essex  Investment Management Company, LLC is an SEC registered investment adviser that  manages growth equity portfolios for institutional clients (including  corporations, endowments, foundations, municipalities and public funds), high  net worth clients, mutual funds (on a sub-advisory basis) and private  partnerships. We are based in Boston, Massachusetts and also have an office in  Evanston, Illinois.

Falcon Americas,  Inc.

  • Falcon  Americas, Inc is a small private asset manager founded by Phd Redoaune Chafei ,  a well- known Moroccan Financial Professional with strong ties to The Moroccan  Royal Family. Its primary focus is to search, discover and capture Real Estate,  Agriculture, Health, Education, Financial and Energy Projects that are able to  deliver alpha to its current private portfolios. Falcon Americas, Inc manages  Equity, Fixed Income and Alternatives Investment portfolios in addition to other  value added products for clients all backed by state of the art and financial  educational services.

Finn Dixon & Herling  LLP

  • Finn  Dixon & Herling LLP is a specialty law firm located in Stamford,  Connecticut. We advise as to all aspects of investment fund formation and  investment adviser regulation. Our attorneys are well-versed in innovative fund  structures and complex regulatory matters. The firm represents hedge funds,  funds of funds, private equity funds, investment advisers, institutional  investors and placement agents located in the U.S., Canada, Europe and  Asia.

Foglamp  Research

  • Foglamp  is a boutique research firm providing customized in-country research that helps  clients better understand foreign markets. Foglamp leverages more than 1500  researchers and journalists in more than 120 countries to provide a virtual  network of on-demand analysts around the global.

Foley Hoag  LLP

  • Foley  Hoags  hedge fund team helps our clients address the ever more complex regulatory,  structural and compliance environment in which hedge funds operate. Whether we  are establishing a managers  first fund or counseling a group that manages billions of dollars our team works  with you to formulate the best and most efficient legal solution for your needs.  Because we believe that the advice and approach that is appropriate for  investment advisers managing private fund vehicles is very different from that  required by mutual fund families and their management companies, we focus our  practice exclusively on such investment advisers and private investment funds,  tailoring our advice to their unique needs.

FTM  Limited

  • FTM  is a dynamic investment product that places emphasis on capital preservation  while achieving consistent returns and maintaining low volatility by the use of  Medical Accounts Receivables which make up 85% - 90% of the portfolio and are  secured at a rate of $3 for every $1 invested.

GalNet Asset Management,  LLC

  • GalNet  focuses on generating alpha by trading volatility on the major equity indices.  We trade trending volatility deploying various strategies to capture  edge  as market conditions develop. GalNet implements a proven and repeatable  investment strategy which has generated positive returns irrespective of global  equity market conditions.

Global Forestry Capital  Sarl

  • Global  Forestry Capital S.a.r.l. ( GFC ) is a Luxembourg-based investment and advisory  firm focused on sustainable forestry assets.GFC specializes in alternative asset  strategy consulting and fund development and is also a provider of alternative  risk finance and product consulting for ethical, social and sustainable  investments. GFC has a combined management experience of alternative assets over  40 years and is committed to provide an investment option that offers above  average returns with sustainable and ethical practices.GFC operates the Global  Forestry Growth Fund LFP PRIME SICAV SIF S.A., which aims at providing  institutional and private investors with stable and consistent returns based on  prime acquisitions of land, participations in promising forestry assets,  developments and private equity projects linked to the timber  industry.

GMT  Capital

  • GMT  Capital Corp. is a global long/short equity hedge fund manager that manages a  single strategy offered through funds named Bay Resources. The firm, founded by  Tom Claugus with $ 3m in 1993, has over $5 billion in AUM today with 34  employees, headquarters in Atlanta and additional offices in New York, London,  Hong Kong, Denver and Buenos Aires. GMT has a differentiated 20+ year track  record of delivering high absolute returns principally through strong stock  selection on both the long and short sides of the portfolio. Our long-term  operator mentality applies to our 3-5 year investment horizon in addition to how  we operate the fund, as over 35% of AUM is employee  owned.

Godwin Fund Partners,  L.P.

  • The  Godwin Fund Partners, L.P. (General Partner: RGA Forde , L.L.C.) is a  global-macro, multi-strategy hedge fund that wealthy individuals use as their  personal endowment fund. The Fund's primary objective is to produce superior  capital appreciation given a long term investment horizon and the restraint of  seeking to only produce annual capital reports that hold a positive  return.

Golden Finance Asset  Management Ltd

  • Golden  Finance Asset Management Ltd is a UK registered company with office in New  Zealand. We manage assets by trading on Arbitrage opportunities in leveraged  financial products specially precious metals and currencies by using Hetro Parrs  Hedge Trading System. We manage risks by having open long and short positions at  same time.

Grant Thornton  LLP

  • Founded  in Chicago in 1924, Grant Thornton LLP is the U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton  International Ltd, one of the worlds  leading organizations of independent audit, tax and advisory firms. Grant  Thornton has revenues in excess of $1.3 billion and operates 55 offices across  the United States with more than 500 partners and 6,000  employees.

Greenberg Traurog  LLP

  • Greenberg  Traurig , LLP is an international, multi-practice law firm with approximately  1750 attorneys serving clients from 36 offices in the United States, Latin  America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Greenberg Traurig is among the Top 10  law firms on The National Law Journal's 2013 NLJ 350, an annual ranking of the  largest firms in the U.S. For additional information, please visit  www.gtlaw.com.

Hart  Energy

  • For  40 years, Hart Energy editors and experts have delivered market-leading insights  to investors and energy industry professionals. The Houston-based company  produces magazines (including Oil and Gas Investor, E&P and Midstream  Business); online news and data services; industry conferences GIS data sets and  mapping solutions; and research and consulting services.

Hedge  Connection

  • Hedge  Connection offers a free web-based platform for sophisticated investors to  research new hedge fund strategies and for hedge funds to build relationships  directly with opt-in, qualified investors. It is a comprehensive marketing  platform that gives hedge funds the tools they need to help build their  business.

Hedge Fund  PR

  • Hedge  Fund PR is an independent public relations consultancy with a proven track  record of exceptional results that safely raise visibility, support asset  raising efforts and build lasting brand equity. Our services include media  relations, media training, special events, product placement, marketing counsel  and crisis communications.

Hedge Fund Research,  Inc.

  • HFR  (Hedge Fund Research, Inc.) is the global leader in the alternative investment  industry, specializing in the indexation and analysis of hedge funds.  Established in 1992, HFR produces the HFRX and HFRI Indices, the  industrys  most widely used benchmarks of global hedge fund  performance.


  • HedgeFundConferences.com  brings you the meetings of the minds worldwide in this growing area of  alternative, sophisticated investing. From complete calendar listings to  conference tracking, from easy registration to special discounts - all in a  comprehensive, searchable database - HedgeFundConferences.com is your virtual  conference organizer.

Hidding Investment  Management, LLC

  • Invests  in equity and fixed-income ETFs or similar funds with a strategy that is  long-only, global macro, active-indexing, trend-following, mean-reversion,  rule-based, low-volatility and tax-efficient. Does not invest in securities of  individual firms, nor in commodities or futures.

Hillair Capital  Management LLC

  • Hillair  Capital Management LLC is the investment advisor to Hillair Capital Investments  L.P., a family of on-shore and off-shore alternative asset hedge funds primarily  investing in the growth and expansion initiatives of small-cap and micro-cap  public companies.

HS Marketing,  LLC

  • Founded  by Holly Singer in 1994, HS Marketing, LLC is a service provider dedicated to  enhancing the marketing communications and visibility raising objectives of  alternative investment firms: managers, allocators and service providers. Our  deliverables featuremedia relations and advertising campaigns, marketing tools,  corporate identity / branding systems, and a variety of dynamic opportunities to  be heard, seen and understood.


  • Hedge  fund seeder and accelerator with focus on strategies non correlated to equities.  Since 2009, IMQubator (  IMQ )  has led the way in developing a new generation of alternative investment  managers. IMQ is a business predicated on taking an end-investor perspective    the first hedge fund investment platform with this approach on all aspects of  the investment process.


  • IntraLinks  Fundspace  for hedge fund managers provides best-in-class tools to distribute information  to investors securely, efficiently and confidently. From capital raising to  investor reporting, Fundspace provides a single, end-to-end solution to  effectively engage with and meet the increasing demands of institutional  investors..

Iron Harbor Capital  Management

  • Iron  Harbor Capital Management is a global investment fund, developing and executing  investment themes based on rigorous fundamental analysis of regional economies  and broad-based economic trends. We express key investment ideas relative to a  prudent benchmark via highly liquid and low-leverage long-term positions in  equities, bonds, and stable-value instruments. We then utilize currency,  interest rate, and commodity trading strategies as primary hedging vehicles. Our  strategy was developed on a foundation of deep market expertise and trading  experience. This expertise, along with our pedigree and investment discipline,  permits us to identify opportunities and risks that others might  miss.

ISIS Fund  Services

  • ISIS  is a specialist fund administrator headquartered in Bermuda with offices in the  U.S. and Cayman Islands. The Company offers fund administration and middle  office services to funds that employ various investments strategies. In 2011,  ISIS and the Horseshoe Group formed an administration company called ILS Fund  Services that provides independent valuation and administration services to  funds investing in insurance linked securities. ISIS  emphasis on advanced technology, experienced staff, strong control environment (  SOC I Type II), and superior client service have made ISIS a leader in fund  administration.

JDM Capital  Corp.

  • JDM  CAPITAL CORP is a private firm focused on Real Estate Acquisition and Finance.  Since 2003, we focus on US Based transactions utilizing equity and debt  structures to achieve investor value of current cash returns and capital  preservation. Our uniqueness is our pipeline of High Yield & Stabilized  commercial opportunities.

KG Funds  Management

  • We  run a highly concentrated portfolio that focuses on both equity special  situations where light activism is necessary and more liquid and traditional  long/short event driven equity investments.

Kingdom Trust  Company

  • The  Kingdom Trust Company is an independent qualified custodian that works with  financial institutions. We strive to provide the most flexible and innovative  custody solutions for investment sponsors, family offices, advisory firms,  broker-dealers, and investment platforms for crowd funding and secondary  markets. We offer fund PIV (private investment vehicle) custody compliant with  Dodd-Frank legislation, escrow services, as well as alternative asset custody  for self-directed IRAs and other qualified and taxable accounts. We work closely  with fund lawyers, compliance firms, administrators, auditors, prime brokers and  other investment-related firms to meet the IRS and Dodd-Frank custody  requirements for their clients. In addition, other custodians look to us to  provide custody solutions that may not fit into the core  competency.

Kite Lake Capital  Management (UK) LLP

  • Kite  Lake Capital Management (UK) LLP was set up in July 2010 by Massi Khadjenouri  and Jan Lernout . The investment objective of the KL Special Opportunities Fund  is to generate 8-15% absolute returns with low volatility and low correlation to  general market indices. We aim to achieve this by investing in a range of  liquid, hard catalyst event-driven investment strategies. Such strategies are  implemented through transactions involving merger arbitrage, major operational  reorganisations , credit events, distressed situations and other significant  corporate events.

Kovitz Investment Group,  LLC

  • The  Kovitz Investment Group's®  approach to investing in equities is based on the methodology pioneered by  Benjamin Graham, and as further developed and modified by Warren Buffett and  Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway. Mr. Graham distilled the secret of sound  investment in three words - "Margin of Safety". This simple concept has become  the cornerstone of the KIG's ®  investment philosophy. While we strive to maximize return, we believe that the  primary and overriding investment criterion should be safety of principal with a  focus on minimizing permanent loss of capital.

KPMG in the Cayman  Islands

  • KPMG  in the Cayman Islands is one of the leading professional services firms, with  over 230 employees from over 25 countries and 15 partners delivering audit, tax  and advisory services to clients worldwide.

LatAm  Alternatives

  • LatAm  Alternatives is a 3rd Party Marketer that provides specialized marketing, asset  raising and consulting services to alternative asset managers who are looking to  expand their presence into the Latin American Region. Through our unique  educational seminars in Spanish we are helping investors, investment  professionals, regulators and students to upgrade their skills into the  important alternative investment industry. We speak the language. We know the  People. We live the culture. We are LatAm .

LCM Global  Partners

  • Created  in 1995, LCM is a boutique hedge fund-of-funds driven by the principles of good  stewardship. LCM offers a diversified, multi-strategy offering of 25+ managers  AND a concentrated portfolio reflecting the firm's highest current convictions  in the hedge fund space.

Lee Capital  Management

  • RJL  Partners Large Cap Value Fund is an equity fund concentrated in the large cap  sector. The issues in the portfolio will range from $1 billion to $300 billion  market cap. The number of individual companies will be 120-200 in the portfolio.  The investment objective is to create a portfolio of quality U. S. based  companies which in aggregate produce greater returns than the overall market. We  will not limit ourselves to any particular universe or  sector.

Lizard Investors,  LLC

  • Lizard  Investors was founded in 2008 and Lizard International Fund was launched January  2009. We are a team of 7 professionals, based in Chicago, IL. The Fund invests  in predominantly non-U.S. equities. The fund has a go  anywhere  mandate that is agnostic to geography, sector and benchmark. Lizard maintains a  portfolio of approximately 30 long positions and up to 15 shorts. The portfolio  is weighted towards small cap companies not typically found in institutional  funds. We use fundamental analysis to invest in mispriced and overlooked  companies, primarily in less-efficient markets, and manage risk effectively  using short positions, cash, currency hedging and through process driven  investment.

Los Angeles Investment  Company

  • The  investment company which bridges the allocation gap. We deliver the highest  standard economies of scale to smaller and emerging managers through providing  all operational and marketing aspects of their businesses. Managers are  partner/employees directly rewarded in proportion to AUM and  performance.

Loud Partners  Inc

  • Loud  Partners Inc. is a full Managed Service Provider that offers Cloud and  Traditional IT services in Tri-State area for small and medium size firms. We  provide courteous, professional services at competitive rates. Our IT experts  have tremendous experience in Financial firms, Healthcare industry, Law offices  and Non-Profit Organizations.

LXE Marketing and  Media

  • LXE  is a full service marketing solutions provider. We have a long and proven  history of delivering expert consulting services to companies looking to build  their brand message and reach targeted audiences. Our strategic thought, coupled  with an expert understanding of marketing within the financial services industry  and a demonstrated ability to identify and message specific consumers,  guarantees that clients achieve their goals efficiently while receiving the  highest possible return on investment. We provide marketing services to  investment organizations across the entire financial landscape, including hedge  funds, banks, and investment advisors.


  • MACIASPR  has experience securing influential media placements for small and large clients  in various industries, including financial groups, trade organizations, online  retailers, start-ups, politicians, nonprofits, lawyers and a university medical  center. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: Public Relations, White Papers, Website Design,  Crisis Communications, Media Training, Messaging, Social Media Strategy,  Original Content for Blogs/Newsletters, Press Releases and Distribution,  Introductions to Journalists, Event Publicity, and Video  Production.

Magnum  Funds

  • Specialists  in identifying leading hedge funds and combining them into funds of funds that  seek more stable long-term returns than the individual funds, looking for  targeted returns within given parameters of volatility. Magnum also customizes  funds of funds for private banks and other institutional investors looking for  funds to market to their client base as their own funds or to use in their own  investment portfolios.

Maples and  Calder

  • Maples  and Calder is a leading international law firm advising financial, institutional  and business clients around the world on the laws of the Cayman Islands, Ireland  and the British Virgin Islands. Maples and Calder has offices in the Cayman  Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong, London and  Singapore.   With a reputation as an innovative, entrepreneurial firm, Maples  and Calder is known worldwide as a market leader with highly qualified lawyers  who are specialists in their respective practice areas.

Marcum  LLP

  • Marcum  , one of the nation's largest independent public accounting and advisory  services firm, has a well established alternative investment practice  specializing in domestic and offshore hedge funds, private equity funds, and  fund of funds. The practice encompasses investment strategies focused on  equities, credit, fixed income, derivatives, commodities, ABLs and PIPEs  .

Markov Processes  International LLC

  • Markov  Processes International ( MPI ) is a provider of investment analytics, including  and a suite of solutions and services that increase transparency and improve  risk management capabilities within the hedge fund investment  community.

McGladrey  LLP

  • McGladrey  LLP is the leading U.S. provider of assurance, tax and consulting services  focused on the middle market, with more than 6,500 people in 75 offices  nationwide. With more than 50 years of experience serving the financial services  community in key financial hubs, McGladrey professionals help organizations  navigate complex reporting, governance and regulatory issues to achieve their  business objectives. Based the knowledge that comes from serving alternative  investment companies, investment advisors, investment partnerships/hedge funds,  private equity funds, mutual funds, broker-dealers and futures commission  merchants, we understand the complex operational, financial reporting and  compliance issues facing the industry. We provide industry insight, advice and  solutions to financial services organizations across the country and around the  world. McGladrey is a licensed CPA firm and serves clients around the world  through RSM International, a global network of independent assurance, tax and  consulting firms.


  • MGI  provides investment management services to the Pindar Global Macro Fund. MGI is  in the process of launching a European Long/Short Equity Fund later in  2014.

Miami  DDA

  • Downtown  Miami is the new destination for alternative investment companies. The Miami  Downtown Development Authority is her to assist individuals and businesses  expanding or relocating in Downtown Miami and to provide information and connect  you with relevant resources.

Michael J. Liccar &  Co.

  • Michael  J. Liccar & Co. is both an alternative fund administrator and a full-service  public accounting firm which specializes exclusively in the securities and  futures industry. Located in the heart of Chicago Financial District, the firm  is primarily comprised of CPAs and MBAs . We currently serve a wide variety of  Hedge Funds, Commodity Pools, Private Investment Funds, Commodity Trading  Advisors, Registered Investment Advisors, Broker-Dealers , Introducing Brokers  and Futures Commission Merchants.

Morgan Creek Capital  Management, LLC

  • Morgan  Creek Capital Management is a SEC-registered investment adviser providing  investment management services based on the University Endowment Model. An  active, global manager, the firm allocates capital across all asset classes,  from traditional equities and fixed income to alternatives, such as hedge funds,  private equity, real estate and venture capital.

MSR Investments,  LLC

  • MSR  Investments, LLC takes a unique approach to short term directional trading.  MSRs  Quantitative Directional Program evaluates multiple return distributions over a  variety of time frames. Based on given forecasts of probability-based forward  return distributions, the Program determines whether a certain market is most  likely to be in reversal or momentum mode and then trades it accordingly. The  time horizon for this assessment can range from one week to one month, although  actual trading positions may be shorter in duration. Additionally, the Program  incorporates an intraday break-out  trading model that attempts to mitigate losses when there are large intraday  price changes. The Program trades a wide variety of futures markets including  global equity indices, currencies, fixed income and commodities. The Program is  in reversal mode approximately 70% of the time and momentum mode 30%. Average  trade length and margin to equity are approximately 3 days and 7%,  respectively.

National Asset Direct.  Inc.

  • National  Asset Direct, Inc. was launched in October of 2006 to support the acquisition  and management efforts of various investment funds in the residential debt and  real estate related asset classes. Our clients benefit from NAD's extensive  experience in acquiring and managing a broad array of performing and  non-performing debt instruments and real estate.

Navitas Resources  Capital

  • Navitas  Resources Capital was established in the summer of 2013 as a division of Navitas  Resources Ltd a commodity markets knowledge based services group setup in 2009.  Over the past 5 years, Navitas Resources through its consultancy and advisory  services has assisted many physical trading companies optimise their supply  chain in various commodity markets by applying algorithimic and systematic  technical analysis trading systems to timing cargo lifting, pricing windows,  inventory management decision making.

North Street Global Fund  Services

  • North  Street Global Fund Services is an alternative asset fund administration firm. We  offer a wide range of services at competitive prices for funds of any size or  structure. We work with clients in various stages of their business life cycles.  Whether you are a start-up fund or a well-established fund we can add value at  any point providing fund administration services or our all-inclusive  Fund  Launch  package, and technology and reporting solutions. At North Street Global Fund  Service, our experience is what sets us apart. With industry veteran  understanding of the North American, European, Asian and the Emerging Markets,  we provide a unique level of service and knowledge.


  • NorthPoint  Financial is a technology innovation company that provides mission-critical  financial software and services that todays  leading investment managers use to run their business. With over 150 clients  served and more than a decade of deep domain experience in asset classes,  investment strategies, operational workflows, and financial product technology,  NorthPoint Financial solves problems other vendors cant.  NorthPoint Financials  rich portfolio of software products include a Trade Order Management System,  Portfolio Management, Data Warehouse, Security Master, and Regulatory and  Investor Reporting, all powered by NorthPoints  exclusive Real-time Calculation and Data Exchange Engine. Additionally,  NorthPoint Financial offers a suite of Professional  Services.

NWQ Capital  Management

  • NWQ  Capital Management ( NWQ ) is a Perth-based boutique alternative investment  advisory firm founded in late 2007. In January 2010 NWQ launched its first  investment Fund and also began separate account mandates   NWQ primarily serves  high net worth individuals and family offices, non- profit organizations ,  superannuation funds and other institutional clients   NWQ has a seasoned  investment team, with both principals having extensive (20+ years) experience in  the industry, across the fields of asset management, institutional trading, risk  management and equity research   NWQ has a strong commitment to research and  education of alternative asset classes and managers

Old Hill  Partners

  • Old  Hill is an asset-backed and special situation lender that provides flexible  lending solutions to fulfill the capital demands of underserved clients  typically not accommodated by traditional banks. Old Hill specializes in  collateralized lending markets, including direct loans, lender finance loans,  asset-based loans, commercial real estate loans and special situation real  estate investments across the capital structure.

Orchard Square  Partners

  • Orchard  Square Partners ( OSP  ) manages a non-cyclical liquid credit strategy whose investment objective is to  achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. The strategy emphasizes low volatility  and the preservation of investor capital. The experienced investment team  pursues these objectives through a combination of fundamental bottom-up analysis  and a disciplined risk management framework. OSP generally invests in large-cap  liquid corporate structures and has the flexibility to invest across the capital  structure. To achieve the funds objectives OSP invests in capital structure  arbitrage, relative value trades and directional long and short trades.  Furthermore, because the strategy is not restricted by ratings, OSP frequently  engages in ratings arbitrage. OSP actively manages tail risk through credit and  interest rate market hedges. OSP also manages the liquidity of the portfolio to  maintain the flexibility to be nimble and to take a dvantage of market  opportunities globally.

Partner Capital  Group

  • Partner  Capital Group is a boutique, alternative investments, institutional third party  marketing firm with execution experience in virtually every asset class. Our  expandable partnership model and strong investor relationships enable us to  carry out both narrowly focused engagements as well as broader  assignments.

Perihelion  Capital

  • Perihelion  is a long/short Options Fund specializing in relative-value volatility arbitrage  with listed US equities. The Fund is approx 3 years old, with avg returns  surpassing S&P and market low correlation.

Perkins Fund  Marketing

  • Perkins  Fund Marketing, founded by Chip Perkins in 1997, is a premier capital raising  firm for select hedge funds and private equity funds. PFM also provides high  touch marketing services that help position managers for long term  growth.

Point to Point  Solution

  • Point  to Point Solution, Inc is devoted to providing Hedge Funds with dependable  Managed IT Services at a predictable cost for IT Solutions and Consulting  Services and Private Cloud Services for hedge funds and investment  firms.

Prescient Ridge  Management, LLC.

  • Prescient  Ridge Management, LLC. operates a short-term systematic managed futures program.  PRM offers participation via two stand-alone CPO vehicles (one levered and one  un-levered) as well as managed account accessibility. The program has a  seven-year audited track-record with positive annual returns each year since  inception.

Prodigy  Capital Management, LLC

  • Prodigy  Capital Management is an asset management firm of Prodigy Asset Partners Fund  and Prodigy Capital Partners Fund. 2 Prodigy Partners Funds are fund of hedge  funds which invest into experienced and top-tier global long/short equity  managers. 3 Advantages of Our 2 Prodigy Partners Funds: 1) Access to well  performing and closed top-tier hedge funds 2) Single minimum investment accesses  portfolio of funds 3) Globally well diversified & uncorrelated to reduce  risk & superior returns

Prophecy  Funds

  • Prophecy  Funds offers investors access to multi-manager trading platforms. In a variety  of vehicle offerings, Prophecy provides a centralized, captive, risk-controlled  structure of emerging and established money managers. Prophecy allocates to  qualified fund managers who primarily engage in trading  strategies.

PXP Vietnam Asset  Management

  • PXP  Vietnam Asset Management is Vietnams  first listed equity specialist investment manager, established in 2002. Based in  Ho Chi Minh City, PXP adopts a fundamental, research-driven bottom-up approach  to managing closed end PXP Vietnam Fund ( VNF LN) and open-ended Vietnam  Emerging Equity Fund, both with a multi-year track record of benchmark  outperformance .

QMG Investors,  L.P.

  • Quantitative  Management Group develops proprietary quantitative "market neutral" investment  programs. Our flagship offerings trade the S&P 1500 U.S. equities using our  Relative Mean Reversion ( RMR ) or Integrated Momentum-Reversion ( IMR )  investment methodologies, which afford robust performance with rapid liquidity,  very high Sharpe Ratios, and extremely low volatility and drawdowns  .

Race Rock Capital  LLC

  • Race  Rock Capital is a broker-dealer that provides introductions between qualified  investors and select institutional money managers. We currently have a number of  managers under contract but are responsive to investor needs when introducing.  The managers  underlying characteristic is they all possess a carefully articulated and  demonstrable edge.

Ramparts Asset  Managmeent Co., LLC

  • We  are a strategic advisory firm and an asset management firm: As an independent  strategic advisory firm, we provide our clients with clear, concise, unbiased  risk assessment tailored to their specific requirements. As an investment  advisor, we sell no investment products and we receive no commissions. We have  screened a select group of outside managers whom we recommend to our clients on  an objective, no fee basis. We offer several proprietary funds and trading  strategies focused on specific asset classes. We demand accountability, both,  from ourselves and the outside managers we recommend to our  clients.

RCM  Alternatives

  • RCM  Alternatives specializes in managed futures products and investments for high  net worth individuals, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers, family  offices, pension funds and endowments. Whether you are looking to diversify your  portfolio with a direct investment, or develop your own product, RCM  Alternatives can create your customized solution.

Reuven Capital  Investments

  • The  REUVEN CAPITAL INVESTMENTS  ( RCI ) leadership team knows how important infrastructure, experience and  dedication are to Investing Partners. Our (2) co-founders bring over 30 years of  direct combined experience and are proud to report that RCI was featured in  BARRON's 2012 Top 10 Hedge Funds.

Riveles Law  Group

  • Riveles  Law Group advises clients on a range of investment management and securities law  matters. The firm has extensive experience representing hedge, private equity,  forex and a variety of other private funds in organizing and structuring private  investment vehicles in both U.S. and off-shore jurisdictions. We take a holistic  and forward looking approach to fund formation by considering a variety of  investor, regulatory, tax, trade strategy and liquidity variables to ensure the  optimal fund structure is achieved. We guide managers throughout the formation  and offering process to ensure the complex interplay between state, SEC, CFTC ,  NFA and NASD requirements are properly navigated and investors receive the  comprehensive and accurate disclosures. The firm also represents investment  advisers, commodity pool operators and commodity trading advisers in all aspects  of their business operations, from state and federal registration, formation and  licensing , implementation of industry best  practices  policies and procedures, negotiation of third party marketing agreements, to  on-going regulatory compliance matters.

RMB Capital  Management/1837 Partners

  • Long/short  equity hedge fund- 1837 - part of RMB Capital management - a wealth management  and asset management firm.

Rothstein  Kass

  • Rothstein  Kass - Financial Services Group provides services for high-profile and respected  clients including alternative investments (hedge funds, fund of funds and  private equity funds), broker-dealers and registered investment advisors. Both  start-ups and established entities benefit from our highly specialized and  expert staff that is dedicated to this unique industry. Our task is not only to  keep a close eye on economic, tax and regulatory issues, but also to act as a  sounding board on issues impacting your business, so you can focus on your core  competency of money management.   Rothstein Kass is a professional services firm  with nearly 50 years of experience. Always a believer in the value of expertise,  we continue to expand our capabilities across a range of interrelated  disciplines, while extending our reach across the country, and through strategic  alliances, around the world.

Rystad  Energy

  • Rystad  Energy is an independent oil and gas consulting services and business  intelligence data firm offering global databases, strategy consulting, and  research products.

Sadis & Goldberg  LLP

  • Sadis  & Goldberg LLP is a leading New York based law firm focused on delivering  sophisticated and creative legal solutions in a highly professional manner. The  Firm is nationally recognized for its financial services practice that consists  of representing several hundred investment advisers and related investment  entities (including hedge funds, private equity funds and venture capital  funds). Similarly, the Firm provides regulatory and compliance advice and  representation in connection with SEC enforcement proceedings. Notwithstanding  the emphasis on the financial services industry, the Firm also provides a full  range of tax, litigation, real estate, intellectual property and corporate  services to its clients.

Sandalwood Securities,  Inc.

  • Sandalwood,  founded in 1990, has created and managed funds of hedge fund managers in an LP  structure for 24 years. The core funds have equaled or outperformed the S&P  500 on an annualized basis since inception with a fraction of the volatility.  Additionally, Sandalwood has a 40-Act credit-based mutual fund, which is  comprised of four different credit managers to provide a liquid alternative  solution in the credit space to our investor base.

Schultze Asset  Management LLC

  • We  seek to exploit inefficiencies and mispricings due to issuer distress across a  range of corporate securities, in any part of the capital structure, at any  point in the reorganization process.

SFC Associates,  LLC

  • Provide  high-level consulting and expert witness on litigation and bankruptcy proceeding  involving high-visibility institutions including: Fairfield Greenwich; Tremont;  Ivy; Bear Stearns hedge funds; JP Morgan Mortgage Backed Securities; Refco  Bankruptcy; Rothstein and Petters Fraud cases; etc.. Projects involved  investment suitability, valuation, damages, complex derivatives and structured  products, credit default swaps, hedge fund due diligence and valuation, mortgage  backed securities, currency and commodity trading, risk management, Ponzi  schemes and brokerage and bank issues. Testified in FINRA / NASD arbitrations ,  ICC arbitrations , AAA and JAMS arbitrations , U.S. District Court (Criminal),  New York State Supreme Court (Civil), Delaware Court of Chancery, IRS Court,  Bankruptcy Court, and SEC Administrative Proceedings. Manage and advise on  investment portfolios comprised of hedge funds, equities, fixed income,  commodities, structured products and derivatives for fund of hedge funds, banks,  institutional investors and high net worth individuals. Functions include hedge  fund due diligence; asset allocation and portfolio construction; risk management  including value-at-risk methodology.

Silver Arrow Management  Ltd

  • Silver  Arrow Management is the investment manager of Future Trends Capital Fund.   The  Fund's objective is to prevent the unrelenting erosion of capital, by constantly  achieving returns higher than the year over year increase in the major Central  Bank's True Monetary Supply (TMS), presently running at around a conservative  12%.

Silver Leaf Partners  LLC

  • Silver  Leaf Partners is an institutional broker-dealer with experienced investment  professionals in the areas of trading & execution, custody & clearing,  portfolio accounting & reporting, middle & back office operations,  capital introduction, and transaction consulting. For capital introduction, we  cover hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, and mutual  funds.

Solstein Capital,  LLC

  • Solstein  Capital, LLC is a private investment firm based in San Francisco, CA.   We  manage a concentrated portfolio of global securities through a hedge fund  structure.

Spicer Jeffries  LLP

  • Certified  public accountants providing audit, accounting, tax and consulting services to  domestic and international funds. We provide services from the start up phase  throughout the life cycle. Please contact Robert Yurglich at  ryurglich@spicerjeffries.com.

SSW  Capital

  • Long/Short  fund specializing in real estate companies, primarily REITs . Managed by 30+  year experienced real estate developers.

Stonehenge Asset  Management

  • Stonehenge  Asset Management is a Florida-based alternative investment manager. Through its  family of funds, the firm allocates capital across multiple strategies within  the global futures and FOREX markets.   The firm is registered with the  Commodity Futures Trading Commission ( CFTC ) as a Commodity Pool Operator ( CPO  ), and a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), is a member of the National Futures  Association ( NFA ) and an approved FOREX Firm.


  • StreetID  is a career matchmaking site tailored specifically to job opportunities and  networking in finance. The premise is that employers use our custom designed  filtering system to match candidates with their job specifications. StreetID  functions differently from traditional career sites because hiring managers are  able to hand select prospective candidates and contact them  directly.


  • SunGard  Financial Systems provides leading software and IT services to institutions in  virtually every segment of the financial services industry. Our systems help  automate the many detailed processes associated with trading, managing  investment portfolios and accounting for investment assets. We also provide  professional services, custom development, consulting services or managed  services to meet your growing business needs. Whether you are an asset manager,  trader, compliance officer, treasurer, insurer, risk manager, hedge fund  manager, plan administrator or clearing agent, we can address your  requirements.

Sutton View Capital  LLC

  • Sutton  View Capital LLC provides its services to high net worth individuals, family  offices and institutions through the mechanism of its primary fund, Sutton View  Partners LP. The fund is focused on event-driven and intrinsic value investing  with an overlay of debt based merger arbitrage.

Swiftarc Capital,  LLC

  • Swiftarc  Capital, LLC is an independent, privately held investment management firm that  focuses on emerging market equities. We employ a long-term investment strategy  in search of attractively valued, high quality companies in the consumer sector  after undertaking detailed fundamental research and involved 'Be The Consumer'  local insight. Our core competency is in the following consumer staple  categories: food retail, fast food, household and basic hygiene products, fast  moving goods, food & beverage, and beer, wine & spirits. We offer  investors exposure to one of the most powerful and projectable trends driving  the global economic landscape - the rising emerging market  consumer.

Synergy  Networx

  • Synergy  Networx is a full-service graphic design & web development firm,  specifically dedicated to the financial services and alternative investment  industries. In business since 1994, we provide innovative marketing solutions  that enhance client communication in todays  market. Our aim is to assist clients in maintaining the highest standards in  their brand and business- on time, on target and on  budget.

Tangent  Capital

  • Full  service broker dealer with a third-party marketing arm, raising money for hedge  funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, and direct investments in  private companies.

Tannenbaum Helpern  Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP

  • Tannenbaum  Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP is a full-service law firm with a global  reach. Its financial services practice focuses on all aspects of hedge fund and  private equity fund formation, transactions and compliance from SEC, CFTC and  FINRA regulation, to family office, dispute resolution, ERISA and taxation. For  more information, visit www.thsh.com

The Appointment Group  LLP

  • With  offices in New York, London, Los Angeles and Melbourne, The Appointment Group  LLP (TAG) has been providing travel management for Hedge Funds and financial  clients for over 25 years. TAG can cater to the most demanding of itineraries,  whilst reducing the overall travel expenditure of its  clients.

Thompson Hine  LLP

  • A  leader in the field of corporate transactions and securities law, Thompson Hine  LLP has been, since 1911, a provider of legal services in private offerings and  hedge funds offering clients resources to handle the most challenging legal  issues facing today's business community.

Tower Fund  Services

  • Tower  Fund Services is an independent third party administrator that provides an  outsourced solution for alternative investment managers. Our suite of tailored  solutions includes fund startup, accounting, valuation, reporting and tax  services to investment managers in all strategies and structures. We enable our  clients to focus on their core business; investing.

Trishield Capital  Management

  • Trishield  Special Situations Fund is a high conviction, event-driven partnership focused  on investments in depressed corporate debt and equity securities. The Fund  invests in companies that are experiencing a period of stress and whose  securities are trading at what Trishield Capital Management ("The Manager")  believes is a substantial discount to intrinsic value. The Manager identifies a  potential structural catalyst which would unlock the significant value not  recognized by the market at the time of investment. The Fund invests across the  capital structure of primarily non-investment grade, middle market domestic  companies. Areas of focus include companies facing liquidity events or  undergoing corporate restructurings or operational  turnarounds.

UC Berkeley  MFE

  • The  Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering Program provides you with the knowledge  and skills to prepare you for a career in the finance industry. In one year, you  will be ready to take a leading role in a fast-growing field that demands  individuals who can apply their education and skills at the cutting edge of  finance in investment banks, commercial banks, and other firms around the  world.

UMB Fund  Services

  • UMB  Fund Services provides a complete line of services for mutual funds and  alternative investments, as well as turnkey solutions including collective  trust, multiple series trust, and registered hedge fund services. Our services  include fund accounting, administration, tax, investor services, transfer  agency, custody and distribution. Learn more at umbfs.com  .

Utrade  Hedge

  • Emerging  FX systematic trading management company with Separate Managed Accounts and  Hedge funds platform. Proprietary developed algorithmic trading technology  targeting returns of +25-40% with Sharpe ratio of above  1.7

Valuation Research  Corp.

  • A  leading international financial advisory firm with more than 35 years of  experience providing M & A advisory services, fairness and solvency opinions  in support of transactions, and valuations of intellectual property and tangible  assets for financial reporting and tax purposes.

Variant  Perception

  • Variant  Perception is a forward looking, data driven macroeconomic investment strategy  research firm that utilizes proprietary leading indicators to identify trading  opportunities and risk management strategies. Our macroeconomic commentaries  provide a high level of value to any firm or individual that is interested in  using independent research to aid decision making, formulate trading strategies  or manage assets.

Vilas Capital  Management, LLC

  • Vilas  Capital Managements  success will be driven by the value we provide to our clients and by our ability  to attract and retain smart, hard-working associates. Underlying these drivers  will be our commitment to the highest level of business ethics, our pursuit and  continuous adoption of best business practices and our focus on the following  items.   Client Focus  We are active money managers who are entrusted with client's assets. We will  manage client assets with one goal in mind: earn returns that exceed indexed  returns in the general equity market.   Integrity and Hard Work  Vilas Capital Management will act with integrity with its associates and with  its clients. We will stay focused on asset management and work hard for our  clients.   Discipline and Consistency  Vilas Capital Management will manage money in a disciplined and consistent  manner. We will stay true to our stated investment strategies and execute those  strategies to the best of our ability. See our Investment Philosophy section for  details.

Waksard Capital,  LLC

  • Waksard  Capital, LLC is a real estate company focusing on the acquisition, repositioning  and management of distressed residential and commercial real estate  assets.

Watts Capital,  LLC

  • Watts  Capital, LLC provides third-party marketing for alternative investment managers  including hedge funds, asset-backed and royalty funds, private equity and real  estate. Our RIA affiliate Watts Capital Partners also constructs alternative  investment portfolios for its HNW clients.

White Outsourcing Pty  Ltd

  • White  Outsourcing is a specialist provider of outsourced middle and back office  administration and accounting services to a range of fund managers.We have a  proud history of growth through referrals built on our reputation for quality,  tailored and cost effective integrated solutions.

Zimmer  Partners LP

  • Zimmer  Partners is a research-driven, energy-focused investment firm that believes its  ability to generate alpha is enabled by an experienced investment team,  proprietary risk management platform and a well-developed organizational  infrastructure. The Utility Fund was previously managed by Zimmer Lucas Capital,  LLC, which Stuart Zimmer, Portfolio Manager, co-founded in  1997.

Key Objectives

About Hedge fund:Business development networking events for investors, hedge fund managers and service providers Access Regional GHA Chapters and Industry Leaders in China, US,Europe, Australia and Asia. Link from GHA website to member websites Meaningful discounts resulting in "no-cost" GHF membership Contribute to the industry and participate in decision-making Set standards for service providers who collect, collate, and analyze information related to hedge funds Lobby government to ensure that a wider universe of investors have access to hedge funds and funds of hedge funds
Direct public relations and advocacy for the hedge fund industry

Join Global Hedge Advisers
Membership in the Oversea club’GHA includes hedge fund firms, global financial institutions with hedge fund offerings including retail and private banks, asset management firms and broker dealers, investors including funds of hedge funds, family offices, public and private pension funds, endowments and foundations, high net worth individuals, allocators, and the industry’s service providers including prime brokers, administrators, custodians, auditors, lawyers, risk managers, technologists and third party marketers.
Join GHA today and enjoy all the member benefits. Select the membership category below that best suits you. Membership fees are non-refundable.

I am a hedge fund manager
I am a fund of funds manager
I am an end-investor(private banks, family offices, pension funds and endowments and high net worth individuals)
I am a hedge fund professional (open to all professionals associated with the hedge fund industry, including administrators, custodians, auditors, prime brokers, lawyers, financial consultants and advisors, and marketing representatives).
I am a student
I am a third party marketer

Hedge Fund Managers with assets under $25M
The membership fees for hedge funds with assets under $25M is $200 annually. This level includes membership for 2 employees.
Hedge Fund Managers with assets between $25M and $100M
The membership fees for hedge funds with assets between $25M to $100M is $350 annually. This level includes membership for 2 employees.
Hedge Fund Managers with assets over $100M
The membership fees for hedge funds with assets over $100M is $500 annually. This level includes membership for 3 employees.
Funds of Funds below $25M
The membership fees for hedge funds of funds with assets below $25M is $100 annually. This level includes membership for 2 employees.
Funds of Funds over $25M
The membership fees for hedge funds of funds with assets over $25M is $200 annually. This level includes membership for 3 employees.
I am an end-investor
Bronze Service Providers
Bronze Membership in the GHA is just $1,000 annually. This level is for companies with 5 or less employees, and up to 2 employees can join.
Silver Service Providers
Silver Membership in the GHA is $2,000 annually. This level is for companies with 5 or more employees. Up to 3 employees can join.
Gold Service Providers
Gold Membership in the GHA is $4,000 annually. This level includes membership for 4-10 employees.
Platinum Service Providers
Platinum Membership in the GHA is $7,500 annually. This level includes membership for 11-20 employees.
The membership fees for college students currently enrolled in courses relevant to the hedge fund industry is $100. This level includes annual membership for 1 student.
Third Party Marketers
Third Party Marketer Membership in the GHA is $250 annually (per person). This level is for companies that raises assets for hedge funds and funds of hedge funds
Global Hedge funds institutions

Alternative Emerging Investor is first publication to focus exclusively on alternative asset class investments in emerging and frontier markets, which many global investment experts expect to generate the best risk-adjusted returns in the short and long term.  The bimonthly magazine covers all alternative asset classes and will be complemented by special reports focused on specific sectors, such as mining, energy and agribusiness.

Hedge Fund PR

Hedge Fund PR is a global strategy and communications agency that provides business development focused media relations, crisis communications, events management, investor relations and government strategy to hedge funds, private equity funds and financial institutions.
LatAm Alternatives

LatAm Alternatives is a 3rd Party Marketer that provides specialized marketing, asset raising and consulting services to alternative asset managers who are looking to expand their presence into the Latin American Region. Through our unique educational seminars in Spanish we are helping investors, investment professionals, regulators and students to upgrade their skills into the important alternative investment industry. We speak the language. We know the People. We live the culture. We are LatAm.


StreetID is a career matchmaking site tailored specifically to job opportunities and networking in finance.  The premise is that employers use our custom designed filtering system to match candidates with their job specifications.  StreetID functions differently from traditional career sites because hiring managers are able to hand select prospective candidates and contact them directly.

The Appointment Group LLP

The Appointment Group LLP (TAG) provides corporate travel management to hedge funds with demanding travelers, undertaking complex and ever changing travel itineraries that leave no room for error.  Our impressive buying power and long term global trusted relationships with suppliers gives us access to the very best airfares and hotel rates available on the market.

The Pierre New York - A Taj Hotel

The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, occupies a choice corner on Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park where midtown’s upscale shopping transforms into the residential elegance of the Upper East Side. Call 212-838-8000 or click on the above link to book directly from their website.



Oversea club 是全球首家国际人士商务交际合作平台;致力于海外人才,精英在华和中国人在海外的商务,职业发展,在线传媒等等的;及商业,金融,外语,技术交流和学术文化多元化一体的世界领航中青年社区。 




I 海外俱乐部机构:海内外金融媒体 国际贸易&B2B企业平台和交易员技术研发团队等等一条龙服务 

II海外顾问服务:海外留学 实习 海外就业 移民置业 航空旅游服务 海外商城

III海外俱乐部会员社交平台:社交Party &Network 公共邮箱


海外俱乐部语言项目: A 翻译社的工作 B 国际语言文化培训学院  



The Oversea Club is the world's first international business communication and cooperation platform. It is committed to overseas talent, the elite in China, and Chinese people who are involved in overseas business, career development, online media and similar. The Club incorporates such areas as business, finance, foreign languages, and technology exchange, and promotes the academic and cultural diversity of the world's modern community.


Oversea Club’ divisions:

A Oversea Club’ cultural and academic organizations: overseas financial media, international trade and B2B enterprises platform ;trading & research and development.

B Overseas advisory services: overseas study/internships/employment, immigration, property services, Global online shopping,flights.

C Oversea Club’s Social Networking Platform:Enterprise mailbox, and member activities , “Party Network”.


Oversea Club Language Project:

I: Translation Agency 

II: International Language and Culture Training Institute

海外俱乐部(Oversea club) --- 会员政策


A 海内外外籍人士(非中国籍)

B 中国籍(海外的留学,就业职场背景);外资,中外合资跨国企业的历任管理者

C 英文四级或同等级别以上(需提供相关证书)







1 海内外的实时行业新闻资讯:人力资源及就业,各相关行业领域合作项目

2 海外俱乐部官网发布:前沿文化媒体,经济生活,学术科研和技术等有价资讯;包括;图片,视频影像和文字说明资料等等

3 会员的资质国际桥接关系:A月度举办供需磋商见面会;行业,特长和人际关系的优势的展示专场项目 B 国内外旅游,商务考察和联谊聚会;会议等等

4 海外俱乐部官网,微信和非传统媒体在线更新会员档案,增加覆盖面和影响力。工作团队为拓展会员的需求和合作--在线论坛和办公室会议,研讨项目。依据会员SWOT的相关优势利益链,及时定期发送邮件关于对口供需关系等等。寻求海外俱乐部会员之所途,精准及时地公益性提供一站式O2O对应的服务。





Oversea Club - Membership Policy


The Oversea Club is the world's first international business communication and cooperation platform. It is committed to overseas talent, the elite in China, and Chinese people who are involved in overseas business, career development, online media and similar. The Club incorporates such areas as business, finance, foreign languages, and technology exchange, and promotes the academic and cultural diversity of the world's modern community.


Membership Criteria:

A: Foreigners (non Chinese)

B: Chinese nationals (based on overseas study / employment background; foreign investment; management of joint venture multinationals)

C: CET 4 or above (members are required to provide the relevant certificates)

D: Artists


Goal: Promote quality cooperation between international organizations and demonstrate the efficient co-ordination of talents.


Exclusive Benefits:

1) Global real-time industry news: HR and employment, and relevant industry cooperation projects.

2) Oversea Club's official website - access to: leading cultural media, economic life, academic research, technology and other valuable resources, including images, video and text data.

3) Members can qualify to have access to meetings: A) monthly supply and demand consultation meetings; covering industry expertise and interpersonal advantages in special projects, B) home/abroad travel, business trips and friendship networking at meetings, conferences, etc.

4) Through the Oversea Club’s official website, WeChat and other non-traditional media channels, member profiles will be updated and placed online, increasing members’ online exposure and influence. Work teams will cater to the needs of member cooperation - with online forums, office seminars. Members are sent information based on their S.W.O.T. analysis (Strength; Weakness; Opportunity; Threat). Communication is made in a timely manner through use of our one-stop O2O service (Online-to-Offline).

5) Bonus:Members Monthly Profitability ROI of about 10%(Asset management: portfolio based on hedge fund&Forex and foreign trade entity projects.)

6) Specialty work includes: translation, foreign language skills training, and community services.

About GHA







A 海外俱乐部的工作团队为合作方,提供企业经营管理所需要的相关行业的资源,产品和销售终端;企业的全球评估和市场趋势和定位;人力资源,公共关系和同行业的竞争力排名策略规划。


B 海外俱乐部的在线媒体为合作方企业刊登和更新:商业资讯,动态,广告Logo;全球市场等等。通过多媒体的社交平台为企业提供所需关注的行业分析;及时反馈企业的多方面的咨询,讯息。目标项目做的市场调研,质价分析;可行性研究;为合作方企业在目的国的拓展业务做前期的筹划。对于专业项目,技术难度,商业规则;优选精良国际团队作为售后的服务和支持。


C 全球的各行业企业的优势,品牌和国际外销方案,依据大数据研究,精准合作的模式;时间短,平稳,高价值的核心商业理念;促进企业全球经营和管理。


D 企业年金:月收益回报率大约10%(资产管理:基于对冲基金&外汇的交易和外贸实体项目的投资组合)




International Enterprise Members


Overseas companies and multinational corporations (Legal registration and management of the country where it is located)


Cooperation Between the Enterprise and Organization:


A. The Overseas Club team will provides the resources, products and sales terminals required by the enterprise’s management; as well as global assessments, market trends, positioning, human resources, public relations and a strategy plan regarding the competitiveness of similar industries.


B. The Overseas Club’s online media provides business publications and news updates: News and information, dynamic, advertising logos, and global markets,. The Social multimedia platform provides necessary information regarding industry analysis with timely feedback, multifaceted business consulting, and other information.Project objective market research, quality and price analysis, and feasibility studies will assist the partner enterprises to expand into destination countries. Regarding professional projects, technical difficulty, and business rules, it is preferred tat sophisticated international team provides after-sales service and support.


C. Global industry enterprise advantages, brands and international export solutions are based on large data research and precise cooperation models. With the high-value and core business philosophy of being fast and smooth, to promote global enterprise operations and management.


D. Enterprise Annuity:Members Monthly Profitability ROI of about 10%(Asset management: portfolio based on hedge fund&Forex and foreign trade entity projects.)


(Note: The above articles are about enterprise members, excluding some costs to be paid by member companies.)


Member company registration: attach the business license and other relevant qualifications, including business services needed by the enterprise. The form should  be sent to our project team. Please appoint a representative to fill in the online application.