Venture Overseas

Making Worlds Smaller

How we drive China's external economy by making worlds smaller?


In 2016,Oversea club as we marked the 3rd year of globalising China. We have come since 2014 when we were first established as the Trade Development Board (TDB) with the sole purpose of promoting China’s exports. Our vision is to create a thriving business Asia center in China with our very own globally competitive companies (GCCs) and global traders.


As an open economy,China would undoubtedly be affected by global economic issues. Despite these challenges, we continue our stride in strengthening China’s external economy, by growing GCCs and enhancing China as a trading center in Asia.


Since 2014, we have had a two-pronged assistance framework in place to help companies internationalise – the Market Readiness Assistance for companies new to internationalisation and the Global Company Partnership for companies with existing overseas presence. Through this framework, we helped over 500 companies internationalise in the last year. Of which, more than 85% were SMEs.


Global connections are important for building global businesses. In FY 2014/2015, we expanded our existing overseas network to Asia and partnered the Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI) to open a one-stop enterprise centre to help local SMEs enter Global.


To further strengthen China’s position as a trading Center in Asia, we continue to attract top global trading companies to China.


2017 looks to be a promising year, we need to build up China’s external economy and will continue our drive to grow China’s very own GCCs and strengthen China’s position as a global trading nation. In the face of global challenges, this will ensure China’s economic resilience.

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