Oversea club is a company&organization run by professionals with wide experience in the fields of international trade and linguistics.With the aim of offering you top quality services, Oversea club provides excellence in every procedure.


Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be your access to new markets and the system through which you can streamline your existing business.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive business services that will enable you to take advantage of commercial opportunities offered by international markets.

Therefore, our main goal is to become your essential tool to do new and better business.


Our Philosophy

Since the appearance of mankind, multiple factors made human beings explore new lands. Exploration brought about the development of the first civilizations thousands of years ago.

In the course of history, the civilization's desire for satisfying needs and expanding their geographical and economic dominions caused them to open themselves up. This pushed them, among other things, to learn new linguistic codes and to map out the first commercial routes. While these communication paths were varied, it was across the seas that man started the globalization process we are part of today.

Oversea club's horizon shows how important the seas were for communication and linguistic, cultural, and economic expansion of distinct cultures, as well as how visionary these civilizations were to foresee opportunities beyond their geographical boundaries, and which nowadays we should not ignore if our goal is to reach the world.


“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.”    --     Demosthenes




These services are an essential link in the productive chain of our clients.


Oversea club boasts specialized teams of widely–experienced native–speaking linguists, whose passion for translation and professionalism allow us to deliver accurate translations that will communicate your message efficiently to the audience desired.



 Our services


1. Translation

Both general and highly-specialized texts can be translated into other languages. Our specializations include, among others:


o Airlines

o Health Care

o Banking and Finance

o Real Estate

o Business/Commerce (General)

o International Trade

o Contracts

o Economy

o Government

o Hotels and Tourism

o Engineering

o Investments

o Laboratories

o Spiritual and Self-Help Material

o Medicine (General)

o Environment and Ecology

o Markets

o Furniture and Household Appliances

o Psychology

o Human Resources

o Insurance

o Travel

o Urbanism

o Virology


A translation should never “sound” as such in the target language. To achieve this, a good translator should be first a good writer and understand the language. Every member of Oversea club shows in their work that language is a dynamic institution we should never disregard.

Translation necessarily undergoes an editing and proofreading process. This ensures grammatical correction, the accuracy of technical terms and stylistic adequacy to deliver not only the final product required by the client but also the quality product demanded by Oversea club.

2. Localization

We adapt and translate your documents to make them linguistically and culturally appropriate for particular local cultures, customs and markets.



Integrity ●  Service ● Excellence


Oversea Club - translation



Quality Assurance


For every project, an internal procedure for quality control is strictly observed


Five-step control 五项控制


1st step:Preparation of materials,assigning the job,identification of applicable standards and extraction of terminology.


2nd step:Discussion on terminology related problems and random inspection on a daily basis.


3rd step:Supervision of technical and linguistic compliance with quality standards.


4th step: Correction of errors and monitoring of DTP and typesetting.


5th step:Getting feedback from the client and making necessary changes for improvement.


三重审稿 Three-level Vetting


Level 1:Vetting by proofreaders from professional and linguistic perspectives.


Level 2:Vetting by project manager.


Level 3:Final inspection after typesetting.








A 译前服务

数量统计 将预翻译资料的数量进行统计并报知客户确认

内容确认 根据预翻资料的内容、类型、目的语种向客户提报解决方案

时间确认 明确交稿方式及时间

费用确认 明确翻译级别及预算费用

特别要求 如:客户的排版要求、格式要求(word\excel\ppt\pdf等)、分批交稿等

签订合约 正式签订委托单

预付款项 根据协定付款方式及金额,支付相应款项 



项目分派 由项目经理分派给业务对口、专业资深的翻译员开始工作。


译中监控 确定译员交稿顺序,定时沟通,同步协调、监督和控制

译后自审 译稿完成后,全面自查,前后统一,查漏补遗

审校润色 二次校对,并对译稿进行编辑。消除拼写、打字和语法上的错误,同时保证用词妥当与一致性

排版定稿 由技术专业人员进行排版,满足客户各种不同格式的要求。(word\excel\ppt\pdf等)

递交客户 客户部做最终审核后,准时提交给客户





开具发票 根据客户要求开具正规统一的翻译服务业发票