Yes! We are professional language service providers and we always deliver what we promise. We maintain high ethical standards and we finish the work we start! We have also acquired the very latest technology, helping us to provide you with time–saving solutions and cost-efficient rates.


Yes! We are a committed group and we always make this our business. We take responsibility for our actions and contribute by improving our services and growing your business, assuring you of the right expertise for each individual assignment. A dedicated Project Manager will build together the right kind of minds for your personal projects.


Yes! We are focused people and make sure the customer is our top priority. We follow your instructions to the letter and work every day to understand your needs. We exceed expectations and provide you with the flexibility you need!


Yes! These are all values and qualities that all LSPs should live up to!


Being a language service provider shouldn’t only be about a professional passion for changing the language of your words. Wordminds believes that being an important LSP should be about the professional passion for finding the right words for your thoughts!


We don’t just want to make our business grow. We don’t just want your business to grow.


There is a difference between managing projects for your customers and treating your customers as projects. Maintaining the existing relationship and winning new clients count among the things we value.

At Wordminds, you will never feel like just another client!

As we believe that our linguists are the key people who make the world’s multilingual businesses happen, we also believe that our clients are the key people who make us deliver better value and strive for perfection when it come to passion for translation!

Without the help and feedback of our clients, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the work as much as working together towards improving quality! We always do that little extra that sets us apart and makes us grow in the same direction you want to grow.


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