Elvis nkecho


Career Objective 

I Love meeting challenges I Get into the habit of working on my future business.I Don't just join and then just keep searching for more opportunities. I Learn about my new business and I will ask my upline members for help on anything that I need help with. Too many people fail with their business because they give up before they give their business and themselves a chance at success. You have to be committed to make your dream come true, no matter how long it takes to achieve it. Eventually, you will achieve it and then you will be living your dream life, while other people are still dreaming about theirs. No matter what business you start, making money is going to take hard work and time. You have to work your business as a business and not a hobby. The more hard work, time and effort you put into it, the more money you will be able to make.

Professional Experience

Time Period: 2012/01 - 2013/01

Company Name: tripleclicks

Occupation: Marketing/Advertising/PR

Work Experience:

curuently Studying Masters Of Business Administration Nanchang Jiangxi University China 2016 to 2017


Education Period: 2010/07 - 2011/07

School: university of Dschang

Major: international trade and investment law in africa

Highest Degree: Master's Degree



Mother Tongue






2010- 2011: Masters in International Trade and Investment Law in Africa.

2008-2009: Bachelor in Law and Political Science.

2004-2007: Associate degree in Law and Political Science.



IT Proficiency: Word, Excel, Access, Fireworks, Publisher, Photoshop, Internet and Email

Languages:          English (Native)  French (Intermediate)

Volunteer and Internship

-Green Power now at Shanghai China

April 2014 – June 2014 

- Design and participate in English courses for community school students.

- Exchange culture and ideas with people from different countries.

- Help improve the organic farm and bring happiness here.

- Represented my continent on environmental seminars

- Hi Peace Dove at Chongqing China 

October 2014- December 2014

-Design and participate in English courses for community school students.

-Exchange culture and ideas with people from different countries.

-Design and participate on seminars on global peace .

-Represented my continent on global peace seminars .



Work Experience

-MTN Cameroon 

-2011 to 2013

Sells and Customer Service Associate 

-Job Responsibilities:

Maintains customer relationship by responding to inquiries; documenting actions.

Job Duties:

Prepares for customer inquiries by studying products, services, and customer service processes.

Responds to customer inquiries by understanding inquiry; reviewing previous inquiries and responses; gathering and researching information; assembling and forwarding information; verifying customer's understanding of information and answer.

Records customer inquiries by documenting inquiry and response in customers' accounts.

Improves quality service by recommending improved processes; ide

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