Bruno Pizzani


Career Objective 

I just graduated in East Asian Studies and lived a year in Shanghai in contact with large companies and business opportunities. There I improved my Chinese , language I have been studying 4 years, also I join in training courses on Trade-Related Business Administration, Principles of Accounting and Doing Business in China (overview of how to do business in China, including protocol) . I was also looking for a job because I wanted to stay working in Shanghai; I opted to positions in Marketing Assistant and Public Relations (Content Management CMS, Customer acquisition for people in search of internships in companies located in Shanghai, Consulting and personalized customer service via email and / or face to face to solve any problems or questions they had about Visas, Accommodation searching, bureaucratic formalities etc.). Unfortunately I couldn’t go further because of Visa issues. 

I really would like to start a professional career as my only degree is not enough to undertake a professional position I can feel fulfilled, I have a great international profile partly thanks to living in 4 different countries and dominate their language. I feel motivated to start my first serious experience in a company. (For more information see Attachment CV)

Given to my profile, my knowledge, my skills and the tasks I have been able to handle, I think I am qualified for any position that gave me the opportunity to learn.

The point is that I seriously would like to work in a developing

Professional Experience

Time Period: 2013/05 - 2015/06

Company Name: Devised coproduction and distribution

Occupation: Customer Service

Work Experience:

Main responsibilities were: customer care (through PIM) and clients and programs database maintenance (SQL Database). I also redesigned and manage the company’s website and kept it updated. There acquire affinity with content management systems (CSM).

Time Period: 2014/06 - 2014/08

Company Name: Hard Rock Hotel

Occupation: Customer Service

Work Experience:

▪ Tasks: Keep minibar’s record (Prestige Database), answer customer calls and solve any issues arising between customers and different departments.


Education Period: 2012/10 - 2016/07

School: Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

Major: East Asia Studies

Highest Degree: Bachelor's Degree


Fail: 0 F, C: 1 C, B: 2 B, A: 9.0 - 10 A: 3 A , A with Honours: 9.0-10 A with Honours: 4 A%20. Language VIII: Modern Chinese 8.6. Language for Specific Purposes: Chinese 7.8. Business and Domestic and International Markets in East Asia 8,3. Negotiation and Marketing in East Asia 8,6.

▪ I gained in-depth knowledge of the different East Asian societies and cultures. I learnt about literature, philosophy, history, geography, economy, politics in the region, as well as Mandarin. I obtained a broader vision of the world and a good understanding of inter-cultural relations. And join in an Interenational Exchange Program in Shanghai for one year.

Education Period: 2015/10 - 2016/07

School: Shanghai International Studies University

Major: Chinese Language Program

Degree: Associate Degree


▪ Supposed to reach grade HSK5 (C1) of Mandarin Chinese.

▪ Studied Accounting, Taxation and Trade-Related Business Communication

Education Period: 2016/08 - 2016/12

School: Interactive Adverising Bureau

Major: Digital Marketing basic Course

Degree: Associate Degree


Recently I've begun this course on Digital Marketing given by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Google.

▪ In this course I am learning about Online Marketing tools such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Trends and SEO/SEM strategies.



Mother Tongue




▪ Advanced command of Microsoft Office™ tools. Including Personal Information Managers (PIM) like Microsoft Outlook.

▪ Very good command of Adobe Photoshop™.

▪ High knowledge of other graphic and multimedia design applications like Adobe Dreamweaver™, Sony Vegas™, Wordpress™, InDesign™. 

▪ Affinity with CMS (Content Management Systems) 

▪ Manage and administration of database (MSSQL Server/ Microsoft Access).

▪ Understanding of SEO and SEM in its relative tools: Google Trends and Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

▪ Notions in Google AdWords and understanding of other AdExchange platforms.

Additional Information

▪ Advanced communication skills gained through diverse professional experiences with customer care, customer service and teamwork.

▪ Good people skills and outgoing personality and international profile partly developed by living in four different countries: Brazil, China, Spain and Uruguay