Yun fu


Professional Experience

Time Period: 2013/04 - 2015/10

Company Name: Precision Sourcing LTD

Occupation: Manufacturing/Production

Work Experience:

Director of Operations – Precision Sourcing LTD (Shanghai) 

• Built new supply chains for textile and accessory related products out of Vietnam in late 2014 and corresponding quality assurance systems and partnerships with local contract inspectors.

• General Manager for all exports out of China / Thailand / Vietnam (APEC region.)

• Built staff & supply chain operations in East Asia mainly out of Shanghai.

• In Charge of all factory audits, QA management, product development & client management

• Maintain & built good standing relationship with major US & European Retailers. 

• Was responsible for quarterly & yearly review of company profit / liability assessments with shareholders.

Time Period: 2011/01 - 2013/02

Company Name: Intertextile Group

Occupation: Sourcing/Purchasing

Work Experience:

Supply Chain & Account Manager – Inter Textile Group (NYC) 

• Business management in day to day operations.

• Created a process of factory and production schedule trackers.

• Customer service management & product development in soft goods. 

• Created a new line in textiles & new business in sample production.

• Oversight of supply chain and price negotiation with suppliers.

Time Period: 2010/05 - 2011/01

Company Name: Mediterranean Shipping Company

Occupation: Transportation/Logistics

Work Experience:

Logistics Manager - Mediterranean Shipping Company (NYC) 

•Monitoring freight shipments & container locations

•Provide service to logistics freight forwarders

•Coordinate trucking and port clearing procedures

•Approve BL procedures and releases in coordination with brokers

•Coordinate between terminal and company boat schedules

Time Period: 2008/10 - 2010/01

Company Name: Wachovia Securities

Occupation: Secretarial/Office Management

Work Experience:

• Organize and record volume, details, clients for office operations

• Created client presentations and chart analysis using Microsoft Excel

• Assisted senior staff and portfolio managers

Time Period: 2015/10 - Present

Company Name: Capvision Partners

Occupation: Business Analysis/Consultancy

Work Experience:

Quality Control Director – Capvision Partners Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) 

• Directed the operations and quality assurance of the Cross Border Corporate Access project (Germany), directing Chinese clients in 7 day trips to Germany introducing from 10-12 target specific industrial enterprises for M&A or general investments.

• In charge of building the quality control for global clients and maintaining due diligence standards.

• Set quality control direction and policy of all products from GRM department to global clients.

• In charge of key project (Yingde Gas: Downstream Due Diligence) maintaining consistent quality assurance standards for this key year round SOE client research.

• Helped senior research management in charge of multiple key client funds, PEC and global accounts to work out workflow between project delivery and quality assurance requirements. 

• Built quality assurance workflow for key quarterly projects such as the channel checks for major companies before earnings (EX: China iPhone sales / Lining Anta quarterly / Want Want quarterly sales trend.)

• Worked closely with the compliance department as an extra step in the due diligence process


Education Period: 2006/08 - 2010/05

School: cornell University

Major: Biology

Highest Degree: Bachelor's Degree


SUNY Honors University at Albany / Cornell University State Program 

Sept 2008 – May 2010

College of Biological Sciences 

Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry  Evolutionary Anatomy 3.6 GPA

Education Period: 2006/06 - 2008/06

School: State University of New York Albany

Major: Biology

Degree: Bachelor's Degree


SUNY Honors University at Albany 




Mother Tongue




SumIF, Bloomberg terminal, Pivot table construction, EMS certified, CPR certified.

Additional Information


Cross Border Corporate Access (Germany)

Directed the operations and quality assurance of the Cross Border Corporate Access project (Germany), directing Chinese clients in 7 day trips to Germany introducing from 10-12 target specific industrial enterprises for M&A or general investments.

Yingde Gas Downstream Due Diligence 

Yingde Gas Chinese SOE is conducting a year round due diligence study on all of its downstream channels. This is one of the largest project on hand due to the sensitive nature of SOE reform, overcapacity, and debt issues. The study primarily focuses on the scale of diversification and reform, especially among Chinese steel producers and other SOEs of competing provinces.

IRRIHOME Home & Living Line – 

Worked in with conjunction with 2 other likeminded individuals to establish a house ware home & living line called IRRIHOME. Worked primarily on concept design and manufacturing supply chain as well as a portion of the US distribution. Currently the line is distributed in EU and US markets and holds a minority stake within the brand.

Diversify textile products & accessory manufacturing into Vietnam 

Due to rising costs in China for low end manufacturing, as part of company strategy for diversification, 23 product lines are to be moved to Vietnam for production. Tasked with finding and testing partner manufacturers for trial runs and setting up quality control system and personnel. By the end of Chinese New Years of 2015, all 23 lines have migrated to Vietnam and have begun formal production.

Quality control standard revision of China operations 

I was hired to shanghai for the purpose of better communications and overall control between China and US side. Due to multiple factors, the company experienced multiple stoppage of goods because of quality issues. The firs

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