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In this video I‘m going to reveal 3 best corporate video ideas. 

Hi, I’m Chase Turnbow, Founder of Chase Me Films and Corporate Video Production Dallas. There are all kinds of corporate videos you could produce, but perhaps you just need someone to narrow down the best! 

Well, here are 3:

1. About Videos- Regardless of how interesting your company is, no one wants to read you long and boring “About Us” page. Instead, make an impact by create a striking Video that sums up who you are and what you. 

2. Corporate Culture Videos- Most companies want employees to share the same culture and core-values that are upheld. You could write up an email or set a meeting to relay corporate culture OR you could make a video. I think the best ones incorporate humor.

3. Company Story Videos- Nothing is more powerful than sharing the motivation, inspiration, and back-story of a company. Customers and employees alike enjoy hearing the history of an organization, and let’s face it, everyone loves a good story.

If you are looking to hire a Dallas corporate video production company, please consider Chase Me Films. Visit us at or contact us directly at 972-533-8254 or


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