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LinkedIn meets Wall Street on Main Street:

That’s the opportunity with Global Leaders Organization. Connecting millions of business owners and entrepreneurs with millions of dollars of new capital so growth spreads; creating massive value for GLO investors as the digital forerunner at the intersection of communities, commerce and capital. Engaging and energizing leaders in a mobile, social platform to personally navigate success more easily. You can’t do the business of tomorrow on the networks of yesterday!

This is 

Fully compliant online investment portals for the solicitation and sale of equity securities for small businesses, as well as debt and other financial services. Industry, demographic and professionally niched verticals led by recognized thought leaders connecting communities with commerce and capital. A gamified ecosystem allowing for the flow of commerce, connections and tangible value among hundreds of communities, representing billions in annual revenues and value creation. Local, live chapters cementing ownership, leadership and participation in the one and only networked economy for community + commerce + capital.

Michelle Lemmons: The Global Leaders Organization is the very first platform of its kind to take a business leader and connect them with community, commerce, and capital so that their business will thrive and succeed. 

Joseph Barisonzi: Community Leader is designing and building a customized online investment platform, so that the members of GLO can invest in each other's businesses, and they can raise money from the people who know them best.

Michelle Lemmons: We've selected our first ten verticals. Each vertical is led by a recognized thought leader. The verticals are selected either by a demographic or industry specific.

Joseph Barisonzi: There'll be two types of portals for GLO's members. The first our sponsored portals, which will correspond to each of the different verticals. The other is an international network of associated portals, each meeting GLO's high standards, providing GLO's members even more opportunities to invest, and raise capital.

Michelle Lemmons: We know that leadership is not only global, it's local. We've selected chairmen in major cities to build membership and to curate deals for the investment portal.

From my experience with working with busy CEOs and presidents, it's hard to get them to stop and take the time to do something, even when it's of value to them. When we created an incentive for the interaction, everyone participated and benefited from the experience.

On GLO, here's how knowledge currency works. You receive credits for every interaction you have on the site, such as posting a discussion on discussion board, creating an ad in marketplace, or posting a deal in the deal network. You will earn knowledge currency from your involvement on the site that then can be used as commerce throughout the community.

Joseph Barisonzi: GLO makes this work. By combining capital and commerce in the context of community, we will change the world.

Think of the power of a million Main Streets around the world networked for scalable connections, commerce and capital. 

Digital Dealflow

Connected Verticals, Connecting to Each Other 

Massive Customer Intelligence 

And a scalable platform for Becoming the industry leader in the leadership industry…This is

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