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Some of the most innovative, inspirational and inventive people in the history of the human race have been self-educated visionaries and self-made entrepreneurs. They are inventors, artists, scientists and engineers who through their vision, insight and courage moved the world from The Dark Ages to the Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment then to the level of vast categorical progress and quality existence the world now enjoys. 

Frank Stapleton is one of these visionaries and entrepreneurs. As an inventor and artist of extraordinary vision, talent and imagination, his contributions to the world of science, engineering, music and art have yet to fulfill their immensely positive impact upon an ever-needful world. Progress takes time. So does appreciation of these few, rare individuals who create and distil progress at great sacrifice to themselves. And give it to generations of beneficiaries who too often too late know to thank these men or true heart and mind.

As an eclectic inventor, ergonomics engineer, mock-up creator, and design engineer, Frank Stapleton is also an abstract painter, singer-songwriter, book author and poet. His visual, musical and poetic creations are as beautifully diverse, enjoyable and beneficial as his numerous inventions and professional designs. Each of his vocations and talents comprises an entire study and appreciation in and of itself, and provides a host of services and benefits that can only bring greater success and growth to your business and personal progress!

So take a look around and explore Frank Stapleton's eclectic reservoir of skills, talents and services. And don't hesitate to visit his uniquely professional websites. He is a man of true heart and mind with amazingly inventive and artistic gifts to offer your own!


Inventor/Design Engineer/Abstract Artist/Songwriter

Frank Stapleton Inventive & Artistic Services

1975 – Present (41 years)Baltimore, Maryland Area

As an inventor of numerous patented and widely-distributed inventions, Frank Stapleton works in the innovative quietude of his home and mind creating all sorts of astonishing devices and designs to fulfill a host of functional needs and conveniences. Frank is also an ergonomics engineer (an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use in order to improve efficiency and safety). Some of his unique inventions include:

- The Screen Sweep: a specialty product used to clear dust from a computer monitor screen!

- The Cyber Mirror: a specialty product that attaches to a computer monitor screen and used to see yourself in the mirror!

- The Phone Hook: a specialty product used to hold a phone securely on your shoulder. It is made out of foam and fits all shoulders!

- The Cyber Vase: a specialty product used to hold a flower and also attaches to a computer monitor screen!

- The CD Cradle: a disk holder made of plastic and foam that comes in different shapes and sizes and holds about a dozen computer disks!

Frank's many abstract paintings and art can be viewed (and purchased!) at these online sites: and

Frank's website for inventors and inventions, called NEW IDEA HELPER, is a fabulous place to learn about how to create ideas and become an inventor. To learn all about this and lots more things, go here:

Frank's long-time successful book "How To Make Millions With Your New Idea" continues to sell and help inventors, artists and creative people all over the world. Visit the book website for "How To Make Millions With Your New Idea" here to order your copy of this innovative and incredibly beneficial work:

Frank also writes beautiful songs (mostly pop, country and folk), poems and spiritual works that inspire, enwhelm and delight! Samples are available upon request.

Professional Songwriter & Poet

Frank Stapleton Songwriter & Poet

1970 – Present (46 years)Throughout the world!

Frank Stapleton is an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician and poet. Many of his songs are country western or pop in style and will soon earn the representation of a professional artist's manager in the music industry. 

Frank also enjoys writing music and songs for clients, and his creative services are available for those who seek such services from an artist gifted to write great music!

Eclectic Inventor and Independent Design Specialist

Inventions & Designs Unlimited

1985 – Present (31 years)Baltimore, Maryland Area

Frank's co-created invention, The Screen Sweep, is an advertising specialty product that has sold over 35 million units since its inception in 1998. That year it was voted one of the top products of the year! It continues to sell and bring in royalties. Over 35 million people--and counting--continue to enjoy its immense benefits, and he was able to get it into 272 comp stores across the country! 

His innovative invention, The Cyber Mirror, also continues to sell and receive royalties since its creation in year 2000. 

Other skills that Frank possesses and related to his engineering, artist and inventor's background are:

- Technical Illustrating for technical publications

- Light weight mock-ups

- Ebook course creator/writer

- Logo designer

- Panel design for military equipment

- Human factor evaluation of military equipment

- Conceptual design/alternative solutions

- Architectural drafting 

Frank's simplest designs are sometimes sole-functional websites which offer benefits of a sometimes spiritual or social yet incalculable kind. Two of these fun websites are: and

Go to one to knock on wood and the other to rub a rabbit's foot. And let both bring you luck and comfort!

Mock-Up Designer & Creator

Mock-Ups For Business and Profit

1980 – Present (36 years)Baltimore, Maryland Area

A mock-up is a rough version of an product idea or appliance before becoming a model or physical prototype. Mock-ups are used by companies and inventors for several very important things, and for many these Frank Stapleton has created many over the years. Some of the uses of mock-ups include mechanical evaluation, real world footprint (size), engineer design review, electrical cabling lengths, operator interfacing with equipment, weight considerations, component placement (human factors stuff), customer reviews, technical publications and proposals (used a lot). 

Frank is an artistic, technical and engineering expert at creating mock-ups, and his services are readily available! Attached to this section are images of some of his innovative mock-ups

Human Factors Engineer/Mock-Up Designer/Panel Layout Designer

Various Companies and Corporations

1969 – 2010 (41 years)Baltimore, Maryland Area and Elsewhere

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, and living most his life there, Frank Stapleton is happily married with two beautiful daughters, Leah and Alisa. An ongoing interest of his is the shape of things and their functionality. His background as a "Human Factors" engineer for over 25 years is responsible for his concept-driven approach to his inventions and art work. He feels that in good design, especially logo design, nothing should be arbitrary. Every element has a purpose or it shouldn’t be there.

Frank has designed logos for large corporations and small businesses, once ran a business called Mock-ups For Industry where he built prototypes for large corporations, entrepreneurs and inventors.

He is also an expert on panel design and layout. He was responsible for the layout of all front panels and equipment for a large corporation located in Maryland where he worked for over 23 years.

Frank has written an e-book/course on inventing called "How To Make Millions With Your New Idea." It shows exactly how he goes about developing a new idea from start to finish.

Right out of high school Frank worked as an architectural draftsman for a precast concrete company located in Baltimore, Maryland. From there he went to work for a large electronics company as an electrical/mechanical draftsman.

Frank worked his way up to an industrial design position where he built mock-ups to address human factor issues and eventually became responsible for the layout of equipment/panels based on military specifications (Mil-spec 1472) for the U.S. Military.

He soon enough gained a professional engineering status through an engineering review board, and received the title of Engineering Designer!


Advanced Degree in Invention, Artistry & Creativity!

1970 – 2013

Additional Info


Inventing, creating, writing songs, singing, entertaining, reading, poetry, books, creative writing, enjoying nature and spending quality time with family!

Advice for Contacting Frank

Contact Frank here at his listed email address or through any of his professional websites.


Inventor/Design Engineer/Abstract Artist/Songwriter

Frank Stapleton Inventive & Artistic Services

Patrick P. Stafford

Film/Book Writer, Marketing Guru, Journalist, Editor, Blogger, Copywriter and Poet

Frank Stapleton is an inventor and artist of extraordinary abilities and talents. I have seen his inventions, and they are nonpareil. I have heard his music, and it is beautiful and incomparable. I have read his poetry, and it is inimitable. And I have examined his other creations, and I am blown away! 

I've not ever known a fellow artist with such diverse and exemplary...more

July 19, 2013, Patrick P. was a consultant or contractor to Frank at Frank Stapleton Inventive & Artistic Services

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