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Gunvor Group is one of the world’s largest independent commodities trading houses by turnover, creating logistics solutions that safely and efficiently move physical energy, metals and bulk materials from where they are sourced and stored to where they are demanded most. With strategic investments in industrial infrastructure—refineries, pipelines, storage, terminals, mining and upstream—Gunvor further generates sustainable value across the global supply chain for its customers. More information can be found at or @Gunvor.

Who We Are

Gunvor has evolved strategically to become one of the world’s leading independent commodities trading houses.

Gunvor was founded in 2000 as a merchant of crude oil and oil products. From the very beginning we differentiated ourselves by committing to long-term business relationships and the application of innovative trading solutions. By combining our regional market knowledge with global logistics we have earned a reputation for reliably acquiring, marketing and moving energy commodities from areas of surplus to those with greatest demand.

While Gunvor remains a physical trader at heart, we have strategically invested in upstream, midstream and downstream assets to create a platform for international expansion. Today, Gunvor serves an important role in helping to smooth worldwide energy markets. We source crude oil and refined oil products from more than 100 countries, have industrial assets worth in excess of US $2 billion, and work with more than 75 global financial institutions, balanced across Asia-Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe.

Our investments and wholly-owned assets provide greater control over commodity sourcing and distribution, create a foundation for diversified income streams, and give us a significant competitive advantage in the worldwide marketplace.

Our Approach

Through all our endeavors Gunvor maintains the very highest standards. We value health, safety and the environment, employee rights, compliance with local and international laws, and being a committed partner to governments and communities.

To support our commercial activities Gunvor maintains an organizational platform founded on talent and experience.


Physical trading is at the heart of Gunvor’s business, with trading offices in Geneva, Singapore, Nassau, Dubai and Shanghai.

Gunvor’s success as a trader of physical energy, metals and bulk commodities  is built upon a foundation of excellence. We combine the core competencies of marketing, logistics, financing, risk management and compliance with the knowledge and insights gained from sustainable supplier and customer relationships.

Leveraging this foundation enables us to identify and realize arbitrage opportunities in the global commodities marketplace:

Geographic: Our relationships and logistical capabilities enable us to source physical commodities and deliver them to locations where they command higher prices.

Product-based: Through blending or the multi-use petroleum products, we create added value products that command returns higher than the sum of their constituent parts.

Time-related: Utilizing our storage assets, financial skills and cost controls we create and realize margins on agreed forward prices.

We have expanded our trading volumes year-on-year in line and our strategic investments in upstream, midstream and downstream assets.


Crude Oil, Heavy Fuel & Feed Stock, Middle Distillates, Gasoline, Naphtha, Derivatives Trading, Coal & Freight, Natural Gas, LNG, LPG, Emissions & Renewables, Biofuels, Refining, Terminals, Pipelines & Storage, Coal Mines, Upstream, Risk Management

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