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Group Overview


Main Business

Pacific Construction Group takes national highway, municipal construction, water conservancy as well as other infrastructure construction and investment projects as its core business. For instance,  transportation, water conservancy, port, wharf, tunnel, underground, city viaduct, navigation-power junction, water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, greening, lightening, beautifying, cleaning, city function and city public-benefit are its main business.


It owns state 1st-level qualification for overall contracts such as national highway, municipal construction and water conservancy. In the process of China’s urbanization, Pacific Construction Group has become the biggest city operator.


Star Business

Pacific Construction Group initiated the BT mode and took part in the construction of more than 500 cities and 1000 industrial parks with applying the mode of BT and BOT. It includes the Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai-Zhuhai, Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-HongKong,  Lianyungang-Huoerguosi express ways, and important state and provincial projects such as Jiangyin Yangtze River Highway Bridge, Nanjing Metro, Taihu Lake Renovation so as to form a strategy of focusing the key provincial capital to conduct its construction projects.


Profile of Large-scale Projects


1.Project of Central Yunnan Industry Cluster New Area

Central Yunnan Industry Cluster New Area consists of East Area and West Area. East Area takes Kunming as its main part, which includes three counties—Songming, Xundian, and Malong. West Area consists of four counties—Anning, Yimen, Lufeng and Chuxiong. Central Yunnan Industry Cluster New Area has positioned itself in six major parts: the core construction area of making Yunnan as “bridgehead”; relying on the location, resources, and policy advantages of central Yunnan, it is to form an important growth pole for the rapid development of Yunnan; to make Central Yunnan Industry Cluster New Area the biggest industry cluster by applying the world cutting-edge technology and increasing the degree of allocating the resources and adjusting the developing approach; to be the pioneer of constructing the “bridgehead” by enjoying the policy of “prior to carry and try”; to form a new mode of closely integrating industry development, city construction and region development by having the mindset of combining the industry and city. Central Yunnan Industry Cluster New Area is the core of the strategy of “one area, four city, and multiple points”. It is planned to develop a total area of 1,149 km²in the administrative region of 10,800 km²of our cities and counties—Anning City, Yimen County, Lufeng County and Chuxiong City. It is estimated to make a gross value of production 220 billion yuan in 2030, which equals to the economic aggregate of Yunnan. Transportation infrastructure construction in Central Yunnan Industry Cluster New Area is contracted to construct by Pacific Construction Group, which mainly includes highways from Songming (Xiaopu) to Tu’erguan, Songkun Avenue and roads construction in the area that amount to a total investment of over 60 billion yuan.


2. Lanzhou Projects

(1)Lanzhou New District was founded in November, 2010 with a planning project area of 806 km², the overall planning target is confirmed as an important platform for implementing the state strategy. In October, 2011, the Managing Committee of Lanzhou New District has signed the framework agreement of infrastructure construction with Pacific Construction Group and the total investment is 20 billion. Pacific Construction Group has contracted to construct more than 60% of the infrastructure construction project of Lanzhou New District, which helped it to be approved by the state council to be the fifth state-level new district after Pudong New District in Shanghai, Binhai New District in Tianjin, Liangjiang New District in Chongqing, and Zhoushan Islands New District in Zhejiang.

(2)Lanzhou New Town is located in the Qingbaishi District, Lanzhou. The investment for the first phase exceeded 20 billion yuan. Northeast part of Chengguan District was opened up into a new town with an area of 160 km²by removing 700 mild slope of low mountains and hills. Pacific Construction Group contributed the most investment and it is  the main construction unit in this project. The project has three main parts: removing the mild slope of low mountains and hills and earth filling, municipal construction, and construction as well as completion of city public benefit and city functions. Exploring and managing project of unutilized land of mild slope of low mountains and hills in Baidaoping Area of Chengguan District of Lanzhou New Town starts from the second Baolan Line (Tuquangou) in the east, north express way (Shajinping) in the south and  ends inYanshi Road in the west, the division in the north, which cover an area of 25 km². The implementation and construction of Lanzhou New Town has a great meaning in exploring and developing the wasteland resources, expanding the city developing room, and rational distribution and industrial structure transformation in Lanzhou. The operation in Lanzhou New Town has an imperative and provoking impact in the western cities development in China.


3. Guangdong Projects


a.BT project of Dinghu Avenue (new section) in Zhaoqing is a key road that goes through the Zhaoqing new district, connecting Zhaoqing New District and Duanzhou District and it is also the only arterial street goes into Zhaoqing and connects Nanning-Guangzhou, Guiyang-Guangzhou high-speed rails. The planning width for the road is 88m, the total length is 7.67km with an estimated investment of 720 million yuan. The working days for the project is 500 days.

b.First Phase Zhengwenzutuan Municipal Administration Path of Zhaoqing New District Project

This project consists of Zhanqian Avenue, New District Ring Road, Yanyang Road, Phoenix Avenue, Jinhua Road and Guangchang Road. The total length is 10,900m and the total construction area is 516,400m². The construction project mainly consists of roads, tunnels, water conservancy, draining, transportation, and lightening that amount to an investment of 1.2 billion.

c.Guangfozhao (Huaiji) Economic Cooperative Zone

It has a planning area of 200 m²that stretches along with Guiyang-Guangzhou, Shantou-Kunming and Huaiyang Highways. It is a cluster for enhancing traditional,  modern manufacturing and cultivating modern logistics industry in Guangfozhao area. The initial planning area that will be constructed by Pacific Construction Group is 53 km², which includes Zhongshandayong (Huaiji) Industrial Transferring Industrial Park, Zhagangjiaoji Industrial Base, Baishi Industrial Base, Fulong Industrial base and other land formation and road construction projects that amount to 10 billion of investment.


Maoming locates in the southeast of Guangdong Province, bank of East China Sea. It carried out and implemented the decision made by the provincial government about the further enhancing the development for the prosperity of Southeast and west part of Guangdong. Pacific Construction Group has taken part in constructing South Maonan Zhongke South Guangdong Industrial Park, Maoming Technological and Industrial Park, Shuidong Bay, Bohe Bay and other infrastructure construction that amount to an investment of 5 billion.


4. Infrastructure Investment Project in Gui’an New District

Gui’an New District is in an combining area in the Guiyang in Guizhou Province and Anshun, which involves 4 cities and 20 counties that are administrated by Guiyang and Anshun with an planning area of 1795km². It is positioned as an China Inland Open-type Economy Demonstration Zone, important economic growth pole in the China’s west region and ecological civilization demonstration zone. It is one of the five biggest new districts in the development of the west regions and the eighth state-level new district. The total investment is 13.5 billion yuan. Pacific Construction Group has taken part in infrastructure construction projects in Guiyang Economic Development Zone, High-tech Zone, Qingzhen, Anshunpingba etc.


5. Yuegui Experimental Zone

Yuegui Cooperative Special Experimental Zone takes the joining part of Zhaoqing and Wuzhou as its central axis. The construction area for Yuegui Experimental Zone goes 50 km²in both the northwest from Fengkai County in Zhaoqing and east from Baiyunshan in Wuzhou. Among which, the joining part of the two cities that locates in the south bank of Xijiang has started constructing. Currently, the investment for the first phase of Fengkai project is 5 billion.


Yuegui Experimental Zone locates in Xijiang, south part of China. It connects Yunnan, Guizhou, and Guangxi in the north, Pearl River Delta, Hongkong, Macau in the south. When the project is completed, capital, technology and industry will move to the west, therefore opening up the important gate to the southwest and ASEAN market, which provides a solid base for a win-win situation for the east and west development.


6.Infrastructure Construction Cooperation Project in Dali Haidong New District, Yunnan

Dali Haidong New District covers an area of 66 m². It is the model for the Dali Government to demonstrate the plateau ecological city. Haidong New District has adherently sticked to the concept of taking the planning as the ultimate rule so as to finish the work perfectly. Pacific Construction Group has taken part in most of the roads, pipe network, bridge tunnel construction and investment. The total investment is about 5 billion yuan.


7.State-level Haikou Mei’an Technological New Town in Hainan

It locates in the southwest of the city center of Haikou with the title of being state-level economic development zone. It connects Chengmai County in the west, Leiqiong Geographical Park in the east, and the planning area is 59.29 km². The implementation of the strategy of expanding westward gradually makes the infrastructure construction in the west part of Haikou, which placed a solid base for the Mei’an Technological New Town to embrace the future high speed development.


In accordance with the establishment of industry development plan, Mei’an Technological New Town is going to take biological medicine, new materials, cutting edge technology industry and strategic emerging industries as its main business.


To create an environmentally friendly, green town, it is needed to build efficient green industry system, construct ecological civilization and give full play to the superior natural environment in the Yangshan Region.


National Green Technological Industrial International Innovation Park, Sate Advertising Industrial Park, Haikou Integrated Tariff-free Zone, Chengmai Old City Development Zone and some others that amount to 5 billion yuan are currently under construction. Pacific Construction Group has taken part in most of the roads construction, pipe network, land formation, bridge tunnel construction and investment projects.


8. Pingxiang Project in Jiangxi

Pingxiang locates itself in the board area of Hunan and Jiangxi. It is the origin of China modern times industrial civilization. Since the reform and opening-up policy was carried out, Pingxiang has been developing in a fast speed, making it as one of the most important industrial cities in Jiangxi.


Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone was founded in 1992 and it enjoys the state-level economic administrative authority. It has a population of 120,000 with a total land of 57.6 km². Pingxiang has been regarded as an important carrier for new type industrialization and urbanization. After decades of development, Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone has developed into an integrated industrial park with fully-equipped infrastructure and convenient traffic and logistics.


Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway and Hangzhou-Changsha High-speed rail pass through the whole development zone. Hangzhou-Changsha High-speed Rail has station in the area. The national highway 319 and 320 join in the zone. Exits of Shanghai-Kunming highway, Pinghong Highway are set in the zone. It only takes 80 minutes to drive to Huanghua Airport in Changsha. The yearly cargo handling capacity in Pingxiang Railway freight depot amounts to 2.5 million tons.


The GDP of 2013 in the development zone is 11.96 billion yuan, and the fiscal revenue is 1.68 billion and it still has the hope of continually ranking the fourth in terms of the economic aggregate and the third in the integrated evaluation among the 94 industrial parks.


On May 25th , 2011, Pacific Construction Group has signed a framework of infrastructure construction that worth 4 billion with the member of the managing committee of Pingxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone.





In the forthcoming decade of 2014-2024, our strategic goal is to establish CPCG into a diversified group, integrating five sectors - infrastructural construction, culture & entertainment, education, financial services, and intellectual properties to form a synergetic and competitive enterprise system.

Business Overview


The Pacific Construction Group is the largest construction contractor and city operator in BT/BOT/BOOT operation mode. The Group together with its subsidiaries are principally engaged in the construction business and infrastructure projects investment, including: municipal facilities, transportation infrastructures and facilities, water conservancy, bridge construction, industrial and civil construction, port and wharf construction, metro projects, tunnels, viaduct, navigation-power junction, water supply and drainage, sewage disposal, waste disposal, urban function and other construction related business areas.


We obtained National General Contracting Class-one qualifications on road construction, urban construction, water conservancy and other construction-contracting field, as well as many professional class-one qualifications.

Our Core Value:

For the honor and glory of CPCG, we believe we are the people that of kindness yet courage, wisdom yet diligence.

Sustainability—Six Sister Flowers 

Orchid—The New Analects

As a greatly evolved, iconoclastic Sinology in the backdrop of China’s market economy, the New Analects of Confucius breaks away from the conviction of “Traditional Sinology the Uppermost”, carries upon the proven truth and prove cultural innovations. It aims at catalyzing the transition out education system from heritage-inculcation to creativity-orientation, from regurgitation to digestive and critical thinking.

Peony—The CPCG CEO Forum for Chinese and Foreign Political and Business Leaders

Founded by Yan Jiehe, the annual CPCG forum is one of the most influential events addressing international trends and issues in China. The forum has become an increasingly important non-government channel for building mutually trusted and mutually benefited relations with out international partnership and friendship.

Jasmine—Enriching People and Thanks giving Forum 

CPCG has a series of annual events showcasing our gratitude to the society. We firmly believe that the rising Chinese private enterprises may shoulder the responsibilities to support China’s process in national quality and character.

Plum Blossom—The CPCG Individuality Scholarship

It shapes the minds and the future. CPCG advocates individual growth and development. Our CPCG Scholarship rewards educational initiatives, which unleash the young minds and creativity.

Lotus—Exploring China’s Charm City with Sustainable Development Potential

It was established by CPCG to showcase Chinese cities and towns that have successfully transformed into a microcosm of ‘smarter planet’ or ‘most livable planet’. It promotes innovative concepts and sustainable strategies for China’s urbanization processes.

Sweet Osmanthus —The Trilogy of Tough Business, Way of Business and God-man of Business      

It featured some of China’s best-kept stories about the precipitous growth of private enterprises over the past thirty years. This trilogy recorded vividly the ups and downs of well-known Chinese entrepreneurs, their pains and elations, their trials and wrongs, and their thrust into the irreversible path to the market economy while grappling with the last bastions of China’s planed economy.

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