System Capital Management


The corporate centre of SCM Group includes:

SCM (Ukraine)

SCM Holdings Limited (Cyprus)

SCM Limited (Cyprus)

SCM Advisors (UK) Limited (United Kingdom).

The corporate centre is responsible for the development strategy of the Group, key investment and management decisions and approval of candidates for senior management positions. 

System Capital Management (SCM) is wholly owned by SCM Group. It was founded in 2000 in Donetsk,  Ukraine.

The company spurred the establishment of SCM Group. Initially, SCM’s business was a combination of individual assets, each of them directly controlled by System Capital Management. Due to inefficiency of the corporate structure, in 2006 the company decided to restructure the business in line with the international standards of corporate governance. 

SCM Holdings Limited Company is 100% owned by SCM Group. SCM Ltd (Cyprus) is wholly owned by SCM Holdings Limited.

SCM (System Capital Management) Limited is 100% owned by SCM Group.

SCM Limited is the direct owner of more than 40 companies operating under the umbrella of SCM Group. 

SCM Advisors Company (UK) Limited is a London-based subsidiary of SCM. SCM Advisors (UK) Limited focuses on identifying international investment opportunities and building strategic partnerships and relationships with the international investor community to ensure the sustainable growth of SCM Group both inside and outside Ukraine. SCM Advisors (UK) Limited also advises SCM on strategy and investments in certain industries, particularly financial services, telecommunications and media.

Rinat Akhmetov is the ultimate beneficial owner of SCM Group.


Mission: driving together to success

By investing in the continuous growth and effectiveness of our business we contribute to the economic and social development of our entire society.

Vision: to create through development

We create efficient businesses and manage them applying the best global standards and practices, ensuring long-term return on investment and making contribution to the development of the communities where we operate and Ukraine as a whole.

Values: integrity, effectiveness, professionalism and responsibility

SCM is a leading business in Ukraine working to the highest professional standards and being at the forefront of the country’s development as a European country.

SCM Group seeks to increase the shareholder value of our business through investment in development and growth of our assets. At the same time we recognize our responsibility to local communities, where the Group's assets operate, and to Ukrainian society in general.

This approach is confirmed by our corporate values:

Effectiveness as a tool to achieve the best results in everything we do. It means for us:

achieving set goals;

applying modern technologies and business approaches;

regularly improving processes and methods of doing business;

using resources in a sustainable way;

looking for new opportunities;

being ready for changes.

Professionalism in doing business, which includes investing in people, encouraging innovations and work commitment. It means for us:

meeting the highest standards;

encouraging initiatives and innovations;

investing in professional development and loyalty of employees;

attracting and retaining skilled professionals;

assessing our achievements fairly.

Responsibility to our employees, partners, local communities and entire society.


SCM is Ukraine’s largest diversified Group, which includes businesses operating in mining and metals, energy, heavy engineering, transportation, agriculture, telecommunications, media, finance and other sectors.

We seek to increase our business value particularly by upgrading industrial facilities, lead in the markets of our presence, increase SCM's contribution to the development of Ukraine by making investments, organising transparent procurement, paying taxes and rising salaries in the Group's businesses.

The strategy of SCM Group is focused on implementing an effective and transparent corporate structure and governance and increasing the stability of vertically integrated industrial holdings.

Being strongly committed to improving efficiency and meeting the best international standards, SCM Group leads the Ukrainian business and achieves every new goal.

In 2014, the hostilities broke out in the Group’s key region – Donbass, and unfortunately, they still continue.

Being the largest national business, SCM sees its main objective in maintaining the national economy and developing the potential of Ukraine.

During these challenging times the Group’s companies are working 24/7 to ensure continuous operations and provide jobs and salaries to about 300,000 employees.

We are confident that SCM Group’s businesses, many of which are mainstays in their localities, should continue operations. Saving them and their capacity means keeping jobs for hundreds of thousands of people.


Head Office of JSC SCM


JSC “System Capital Management”

Address: Maryinska str. 1, Pushkinskiy business centre, Donetsk, 83001 Ukraine

Tel.: +38 062 381 50 36


Kyiv office of JSC SCM

JSC “System Capital Management”

Address: Desyatynna str. 3А, Kyiv, 01001 Ukraine

Tel.: +38 044 502 52 27


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