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Overseas Club membership Fee: $ 18/year (RMB 100/year)



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Application Procedure:

Please register by providing a resume and completing the application form.

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WeChat: Overseaclub / USBANK

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A 海内外外籍人士(非中国籍)

B 中国籍(海外的留学,就业职场背景);外资,中外合资跨国企业的历任管理者

C 英文四级或同等级别以上(需提供相关证书)







1 海内外的实时行业新闻资讯:人力资源及就业,各相关行业领域合作项目

2 海外俱乐部官网发布:前沿文化媒体,经济生活,学术科研和技术等有价资讯;包括;图片,视频影像和文字说明资料等等

3 会员的资质国际桥接关系:A月度举办供需磋商见面会;行业,特长和人际关系的优势的展示专场项目 B 国内外旅游,商务考察和联谊聚会;会议等等

4  海外俱乐部官网,微信和非传统媒体在线更新会员档案,增加覆盖面和影响力。工作团队为拓展会员的需求和合作--在线论坛和办公室会议,研讨项目。依据会员SWOT的相关优势利益链,及时定期发送邮件关于对口供需关系等等。寻求海外俱乐部会员之所途,精准及时地公益性提供一站式O2O对应的服务。

5 奖金:成员月收益回报率大约10%(资产管理:基于对冲基金&外汇的交易和外贸实体项目的投资组合)




Oversea Club - Membership Policy


Membership Criteria:

A: Foreigners (non Chinese)

B: Chinese nationals (based on overseas study / employment background; foreign investment; management of joint venture multinationals)

C: CET 4 or above (members are required to provide the relevant certificates)

D: Artists


Goal: Promote quality cooperation between international organizations and demonstrate the efficient co-ordination of talents.


Exclusive Benefits:

1) Global real-time industry news: HR and employment, and relevant industry cooperation projects.

2) Oversea Club's official website - access to: leading cultural media, economic life, academic research, technology and other valuable resources, including images, video and text data.

3) Members can qualify to have access to meetings: A) monthly supply and demand consultation meetings; covering industry expertise and interpersonal advantages in special projects, B) home/abroad travel, business trips and friendship networking at meetings, conferences, etc.

4) Through the Oversea Club’s official website, WeChat and other non-traditional media channels, member profiles will be updated and placed online, increasing members’ online exposure and influence. Work teams will cater to the needs of member cooperation - with online forums, office seminars.Members are sent information based on their S.W.O.T. analysis (Strength; Weakness; Opportunity; Threat). Communication is made in a timely manner through use of our one-stop O2O service (Online-to-Offline).

5) Bonus:Members Monthly Profitability ROI of about 10%(Asset management: portfolio based on hedge fund&Forex and foreign trade entity projects.)

6) Specialty work includes: translation, foreign language skills training, and community services.

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If you have any creative ideas: files, pictures, videos, inventions, etc., welcome to our website.


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