Oversea club is the enterprise agency promoting international trade and partnering China companies in going global. Our goal a thriving business center in China with Globally Competitive Companies (GCCs) and leading international traders.


Trade has always been the backbone of China’s economy. In addition to promoting export of goods and services,OC also attracts global commodities traders to establish their global or Asian home base in China. Today, China is a thriving trading body with a complete ecosystem for the energy, agri-commodities and metals & minerals trading clusters.


GCCs are a critical growth engine for the next phase of China’s development. GCCs compete on the global stage against the very best in their industries. They contribute to China’s economic resilience, develop China into global business leaders and strengthen the China brand. Through our Global Company Partnership and Market Readiness Assistance, we work with China-based companies in their various stages of growth towards being globally competitive.


Brand is for China to be a thriving business center with globally competitive enterprises and leading international traders.This is to promote the overseas growth of China-based enterprises and international trade.


Core values define a set of shared beliefs and behaviours to guide how our people should interact and work in OC each day. Below are the values that align our people to the achievement of cooperation.


• Global

We are globally minded, constantly enhancing our knowledge and connections.We are passionate in helping China companies become globally competitive, and in maintaining China’s status as a global trading member.


• Enterprising

We operate in rapidly-changing environments, requiring us to be forward thinking and to develop innovative and entrepreneurial solutions.


• Talent Developer

We are committed to unleash the potential of our diverse talents. We identify and develop people who are dedicated to cross-border trade, always creating a positive culture fostering teamwork and empowerment.


Oversea club’ global network of overseas centres in over 150 locations provides the necessary connections in many developed and emerging markets.


International Trade


Importing and exporting products and/or services require time, dedication and specialists in the area. At Oversea club we offer you the means to internationalize your business.Our professional team focuses its resources on adopting the necessary measures to optimize your business through commercial representations.


Commercial Representations

Not only to export but also to import is it vital to be serious and professional.Under these guidelines, Oversea club guarantees clients to be well represented in target markets through the following profiles:


 Foreign Trade Broker

This service is designed for concrete market opportunities, enabling parties to take advantage of a temporary commercial situation that may extend into the future.


 Commercial/Export Agent

Under this mode, we represent your company taking on the relevant commercial negotiations to position your products in the target market.


 Import Agent

Acting as a purchasing network, we represent importers and take steps to enable them to purchase goods as best as possible.


 Exclusive Commercial Agent

This commercial representation model allows you, the client, to entrust us with the commercial management of your company in foreign countries. To do this, we take on specific trading tasks to represent your products and/or services in the target market.


Under these working models we simplify commercial tasks at the time of deciding to enter new markets so as to reduce costs as well as investment times.

Oversea club -- Brand&Core values


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Assistance for China companies

Let us help build your business overseas with our financial and non-financial tools.


Oversea club: The Multiplier Effect

We have 15,000 members oversea. And continue to promote international trade and partner China companies to go global.


Infrastructure Opportunities in Asia

Asia requires over US$1 trillion of infrastructure investments a year. Learn how you can leverage China’s comprehensive ecosystem to meet the region’s growing needs.

Popular Assistance

OC offers a wide range of assistance that applies to all types of companies regardless of size and readiness. Below are some of our popular forms of assistance.


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Participate in supported or subsidised trade shows or missions to build pipelines for your business.
Quickstart your internationalisation journey with a local member contact.
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Learn how to become a successful and sustainable exporter in this step by step manual.
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Entering a market for the first time? Get up to 50% support for eligible costs incurred.
Enjoy 20% tax deduction for eligible costs incurred from your internationalisation efforts.
Market Readiness
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Tax Deduction for Internationalisation
Fast-track your market knowledge learning through our series of iAdvisory Seminars.
Rethinking the strategy of your firm-level capabilities like branding, supply chain management etc.? Get up to 50% support for eligible costs incurred, up to 70% for SMEs.

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