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Oversea club 是全球首家国际人士商务交际合作平台;致力于海外人才,精英在华和中国人在海外的商务,职业发展,在线传媒等等的;及商业,金融,外语,技术交流和学术文化多元化一体的世界领航中青年社区。 




I 海外俱乐部机构:海内外金融媒体 国际贸易&B2B企业平台和交易员技术研发团队等等一条龙服务 

II海外顾问服务:海外留学 实习 海外就业 移民置业 航空旅游服务 海外商城

III海外俱乐部会员社交平台:社交Party &Network 公共邮箱


海外俱乐部语言项目: A 翻译社的工作 B 国际语言文化培训学院  



The Oversea Club is the world's first international business communication and cooperation platform. It is committed to overseas talent, the elite in China, and Chinese people who are involved in overseas business, career development, online media and similar. The Club incorporates such areas as business, finance, foreign languages, and technology exchange, and promotes the academic and cultural diversity of the world's modern community.


Oversea Club'divisions:

A Oversea Club’ cultural and academic organizations: overseas financial media, international trade and B2B enterprises platform; trading & research and development.

B Overseas advisory services: overseas study/internships/employment, immigration, property services, Global online shopping,flights.

C Oversea Club’s Social Networking Platform:Enterprise mailbox, and member activities , “Party Network”.


Oversea Club Language Project:

I: Translation Agency 

II: International Language and Culture Training Institute

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