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中文国际部--对外汉语 (2016 Chinese Language Training Classes)

General Introduction of HSK

The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) is China's national standardized test designed and developed by the HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers (including foreigners, overseas Chinese and students from Chinese national minorities). 

HSK is divided into three categories:beginning level (HSK Basic), elementary to intermediate level (HSK Elementary-Intermediate), and advanced level (HSK Advanced).HSK tests are held regularly both at domestic test centers and at overseas test centers each year.HSK Certificates are issued to those who have obtained the required scores. More than 140 HSK centers have been set up, and 300,000 people have taken the test.

Chinese proficiency certificates are issued by the State Committee for the Chinese Proficiency Test of China in accordance with HSK scores and are recognized as authentic Chinese proficiency certificates in many countries all over the world. They are a reference standard used by different types of enterprises, organizations and educational institutions in recruiting people for jobs for which Chinese language skills are necessary. Chinese proficiency certificates are also evidence of the Chinese language skills of foreign students applying for enrollment into different types of schools at various levels in China. The National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language offers scholarships for studying in China to foreign candidates with excellent HSK scores.

Chinese Programs

Admission Requirements:

1. Application prerequisites:

Minimum age of 18 years.

High school diploma or other higher education qualification.

2. Preparation of Application Materials:

Completed Application Form for Oversea club

Reference statement signed by a referee living in China or abroad

Copy of passport and 3 passport-sized photos.


      1. The registration fee for each class is 400 RMB.

      2.The program is opened as long as there are 10 enrollments.

      3.The tuition fee covers the textbook fee.

      4. For registration, it is 08:30 — 17:30 on Thursday before the lessons.

      5. For more information about courses please visit :


Specialty Programs

  The goals of these courses are to meet the special demands of domestic and international schools, organizations, enterprises, and institutions. We offer online and continuing education in the subject of Chinese with variously designed courses to help different learners to improve their Chinese.

  At present Oversea Club is offering: Chinese Bridge---Summer camp Chinese Training; Business trainees for international companies and enterprises.


1. Specially designed teaching plans for different groups;

2. Specially designed textbooks for students of different needs;

3. Combining professional and practical language training with hands-on cultural experience. 

Objective: Meeting the special needs of different groups and different projects to help trainees quickly master Chinese language and to acquaint the trainees with the rich and diverse Chinese culture.


1. We accept students of various levels of language competence; 

2. Students need to enroll in advance to make arrangement for course schedule.

#Chinese Translation  

School of Online and Continuing Education provides a Chinese Translation training program (including translation and interpretation) to help the trainees (esp. foreigners working in China as translators and interpreters) improve their skills in Chinese translation and interpretation. 


1. Emphasis on strengthening the skills in Chinese translation and interpretation to help the trainees bridge the gap between languages and culture

2. Two-way translation and interpretation.

3. From consecutive interpreting to simultaneous interpreting.

Teachers:Excellent teachers from OC with rich knowledge in language and culture as well as rich experience in teaching Chinese as a second language.

Objective:To turn out translators and interpreters with much knowledge about China to bridge the gap between languages and cultures through practice in translating and interpreting.

Note: Those to be enrolled are supposed to have mastered some Chinese(above HSK5)


#Business Chinese  

To meet the needs of foreign business people in China, School of Online and Continuing Education provides a Business Chinese training program to help them improve their Chinese skills in business communication. 


1. Native Chinese from native teaching material.

2. Chinese in various business contexts to enable the trainees to gradually master business Chinese.

3. Simulating the actual business activities.

Teachers:Excellent teachers from OC with rich experience in business and in teaching Chinese as a second language.

Objective:To enable the trainees to master the Chinese language skills in business through simulated business activities.

Note: Those to be enrolled are supposed to have mastered some Chinese(above HSK5)

About HSK

Note: Special courses designed according to the trainees’HSK level.


Full-time classes :( Monday to Friday)  9:00--11:30am 2:00-4:30pm

Intensive training: 9:00--11:30am 2:00-4:30pm 7:00--9:00pm 

Weekend&Holiday classes: 10:00-12:00am 2:00-5:00pm

VIP Course (pending or negotiable)

School address:

A. CBD in Beijing China

B. Beijing University of Chemical Technology

C. University of International Business and Economics


Public wechat: Overseaclub(Wechat:USBANK)Enterprise wechat:海外俱乐部

®Summer Camp for Overseas Students

About Us 

Founder in 2013,Oversea club is the first institution in China specializing in the international Business and teaching& research of foreign youth project.Our teaching with a preferred modules and unique environment boasting renowned teachers and profound cultural background.This club will be your lovey home in China.


Objective & Characteristics

Provide overseas students with opportunities to experience Chinese higher education,and understand more about Chinese culture.

Summer camp will be divided into four themes:

1.The Charming Chinese Language

2.Traditional Chinese Culture

3.Dynamic China

4.Chinese food


Training   Time and Study Hours

University of International Business and   Economics

Training time:3 weeks(21 days) Study hours:24   hours/week,totaling 72 hours (45 hours of language courses,27 hours of   culture courses),9 tours


Itinerary of Summer Camp 

1st day:Airport pick-up,accommodation arrangements,campus tour,Welcome dinner

2nd day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:Lecture on Chinese culture

3rd day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:Visiting Tiananmen Square and Qianmen 4th day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:Introducing Chinese calligraphy tools and learning to write some Chinese characters in the form of calligraphy.

5th day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:Visiting the Summer Palace

6th day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:Comparing Chinese and western painting,trying to draw some Chinese paintings.

7th day:Visiting the Great Wall

8th day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:Enjoying Beijing Opera,Introducing the roles and the facial makeup,Try to make a Beijing Opera Facial Mask.

9th day:Morning:Mandarin Class; Afternoon:Visiting the Capital Museum

10th day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:Enjoy some works of Chinese knot,Try to make some Chinese knots

11th day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:Visiting the Bird's Nest and Water Cube

12th day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:Enjoy some works of paper cutting,making paper-cut works

13th day:Visiting the Forbidden City  

14th day:Chinese film appreciation

15th day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:Learning Chinese traditional sport Tai-Chi

16th day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:Visiting the Wangfujing Street

17th day:Same with 15th

18th day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:shopping in Silk Market

19th day:Morning:Mandarin Class;Afternoon:Tai-Chi Show,Making dumplings

20th day:Visiting Houhai,Nanluoguxiang(Beijing Hutong Tour)

21st day:Packing,Check-out,Departure to the airport

One special gift:You will get a Mark Cup with your nice photo.


Application Materials

1.Short-term Application Form for studying at Oversea club and UIBE

2.Copy of passport(first page and visa page)

3.3 passport-sized photos


Fees:RMB 12800 Yuan/person (This summer camp is opened as long as there are 20 campers) Including the tuition fee,the registration fee,tours,accommodation

(four-room,indoor bathroom).Excluding food expenses:To use Campus ID card(RMB 50-80 Yuan/person/day).


Contact:Department of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language School of Online and Continuing Education Oversea club Beijing 100078 P.R.C

Website: E-mail: