Overseas Agent


Job Description:


Overseas club members: Will aim to establish and expand the overseas club of international companies, organizations and individual membership system in accordance with the qualification requirements of members that were announced by the official website.




Overseas Club is an international platform specializing in public relations, market surveys & research, e-mail, telephone communications, interviews, etc., which refers more talents and authorized companies to participate in the overseas club's projects. (Corporate membership: commercial advertising, project cooperation, ordering online products.)

Foreign Trade(B2B): Please consult with project managers

Note: Please provide the industry attributes of member companies, URL; product advertising descriptions, 

photographs and videos. (Under 20M)



Salary: Based on the candidate’s referral of member companies’ overseas commission + bonus.

Remark: (Freelance and Part-time online positions):

Payment of salaries for the weekly bill: (Competitive benefits: Registration fee 30-50% and Member companies of business income at 10%.+ Annual insurance<Negotiable>)



Overseas Club is a social media platform for enterprises which is committed to having a more efficient global business, smooth and precise orientation partners, a supply chain management and target customers.


Corporate Social Media


Enterprise Ranking: Sharing cutting-edge information, Management & Technology with similar overseas industries as well as a package of services.



Cooperation Between Enterprises and Organizations:



A Overseas Club's official website and Multimedia platform publishes member companies'profiles.

B E-commerce: Online ordering and sales of enterprise products.

C Project cooperation (Membership enterprise application form)


Overseas Club team is responsible for a corporate business project tracking service that helps work at home and abroad based on the needs stated on the membership application form.



General Counsel for Overseas Companies:


Managers: Will mainly be joined by experienced personnel in various industries, with advice, guidance and membership data management, in order to integrate resources and technical solutions.


The Professional Team: IT Digital Technology, Bio-Medicine, E-Commerce, Finance, Real Estate, Arts, Manufacturing, International Trade and social services, etc. Members from all industry practitioners, college students and volunteers who have worked in Overseas Club for more than 2 years who are experienced, and offer a wide range of resources.


At present, we have about 200 enterprises with more than 400 individual members; 30% of international companies reached a monthly cooperation agreement project with a turnover of about USD300,000.


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