Go Global with Oversea club

Oversea club offers a suite of assistance programmes under the Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) and Global Company Partnership (GCP) framework.

Tap Oversea club’s programmes and go global.

Financial Assistance
Non-Financial Assistance

Whether you are stepping into a new market or deepening your presence in an existing one, going overseas can be daunting. We co-fund relevant costs when companies make this bold step globally.


Get financial help for your business today under our Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) and Global Company Partnership (GCP) programmes.

With over thousands members around the world, we have the knowledge, contacts and resources to take you where you want to go.


Read on to find out about our range of knowledge resources, and gain access to valuable learning and networking opportunities.

Popular Assistance

Oversea club offers a wide range of assistance that applies to all types of companies regardless of size and readiness. Below are some of our popular forms of assistance.

Tax Deduction for Internationalisation (TDi)

Enjoy 20% tax deduction for eligible costs incurred from your internationalisation efforts.

MRA Grant

Entering a market for the first time? Get up to 50% support for eligible costs incurred.

GCP Grant

Prepare yourself with crucial business capabilities when you venture into a new market.

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Portal

Find a simpler way to do business internationally with China's network of 20 FTAs.

Talent Initiatives

Looking to become a global trader or to embark on a global career? Check out our trade, infrastructure and global-ready programmes for individuals.

iAdvisory Seminars

Fast-track your market knowledge learning through our series of iAdvisory seminars.


Research Databases

Get up to date with market and industry trends, economic indicators, trade regulators, and tariff rates.

Trade Talent

Find out how you can be part of China's pool of trade professionals.